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Amax Expands StorMax Line with 4TB HDDs
Maximum capacity of 240TB per unit
2012.09.28 | Press Release
Revenue of Toshiba HDD at About $5 Billion in Last FY
Expected to double by 2015
2012.09.27 | In Brief
Furniture Manufacturer Smith Brothers of Berne Prefers EMC VNX
Over Dell and HP
2012.09.27 | Press Release
VeloBit Unveils Free Starter Edition of HyperCache
SSD caching software
2012.09.25 | Press Release
EMC and Human Face of Big Data
A project started by Rick Smolan et Jennifer Erwitt
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.09.24 | News
4Q Revenue of StorMagic Up 300% Compared to 4Q11
Fueled by demand for multi-site deployments of SvSAN
2012.09.24 | Press Release
Power of EditShare Field Doubled
Up to 16TB, expansion unit with 16TB or LTO drive, SSDs and 10GbE
2012.09.20 | Press Release
60th Anniversary of IBM San Jose, CA Facility
At origin of first HDD
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.09.17 | News
University of Pennsylvania Assigned Patent
Frequency-modulated coding and recording and storage with plasmonic nanostructures
2012.09.17 | In Brief
University of Bristol Deploying FileTek StorHouse
With integrator Cristie Data
2012.09.14 | Press Release
ExaGrid Published 300 Customer Stories Among 1,400 Clients
Last one on University of Northern Iowa
2012.09.12 | Press Release
Mozy Mobile App 1.4
With new security features
2012.09.05 | Press Release
PNY Launches SSDs Powered by LSI/SandForce SF-2200 Processors
120GB to 480GB, 550MB/s read, 520MB/s write, 6Gb SATA
2012.08.31 | Press Release
Sony Getting Out of Optical Drives for PCs
Will close Opitarc division.
2012.08.29 | In Brief
Maginatics Out of Stealth Mode
Debuts MagFS, software to overlay cloud storage with general-purpose distributed file system accessible by mobile devices.
2012.08.28 | Press Release
Bookings Revenue Grew 78% in First Half of 2012 for Veeam
6,000 new customers during quarter
2012.08.24 | Press Release
SimpliVity Out of Stealth Mode
Reveals 2U box OmniCube, all-in-one low-cost VCE or FlexPod.
2012.08.21 | Press Release | [with our comments]
University of Bern and ifolor Opt for Cisco UCS
Now with 11,000 customers worldwide
2012.08.21 | Press Release
700TB in Single Gram of DNA
Stored by bioengineer and geneticist at Harvard Wyss Institute
2012.08.20 | In Brief
44TB of SSD in 1U From Skyera
Under $3/GB native, sub $1 with compression and de-dupe
2012.08.15 | Press Release
Eurotech Member of SNIA
UK provider of IT products and services for 19 years
2012.08.14 | Press Release
At Veeam, Bookings Grew 78% in 1H12 Compared to One Year Ago
6,000 new customers during quarter, total reaching 43,000
2012.08.03 | Press Release
SoleraTec: V5.7 of Phoenix RSM Surveillance Video Software Starting at $1,495
With hardware partners Veracity, Buffalo and Spectra Logic
2012.08.03 | Press Release
IceWEB Strategy for Second Half of 2012
From primarily R&D to sales and marketing
2012.07.25 | Press Release
University of Ottawa Medical Research Selects Isilon
Accelerating advancement of medicine
2012.07.25 | Press Release
EMC Enables State of Michigan Transformation to IT-as-a-Service
With "one-stop shopping experience" for online services
2012.07.18 | Press Release
Probing Secrets of Unmagnetized Magnets
Possible application in miniaturized HDDs
2012.07.03 | In Brief
X-IO Exceeds 15GB/s of Throughput in Demo
Using Windows Server 2012 RC and single rack
2012.06.20 | Press Release
BKF Capital Attempting to Take Total Control of Qualstar
By putting industry outsiders at board
2012.06.15 | Press Release
Acquisition of LaCie by Seagate
Binding share purchase agreement signed
2012.06.15 | Press Release
Tributary V3.04 of Storage Director Backup Virtualization
Adds support for IBM i v6.1, v7.1 and Virtual I/O Server.
2012.06.15 | Press Release
Integration of SmartVault With Shoeboxed
SaaS document storage solution with scanning and OCR service
2012.06.14 | Press Release
Hostile Bid of Cypress to Acquire Ramtron
For around $88 million
2012.06.13 | Press Release
European Launch of Mozy Data Shuttle
For initial backup, £175 for 1.8TB
2012.06.13 | Press Release
Need to Know Price of All NetApp Products?
Look at this PDF of 116 pages
2012.05.03 | In Brief
Virtual Machine Editions of Caringo CAStor
Through CIFS, NFS, FTP and WebDAV
2012.04.30 | Press Release
Storage Switzerland Fan of IceWEB
"Surprisingly ready to compete with major name brand providers of unified storage"
2012.04.18 | Press Release
University of Utah IT Services Unveils New $23 Million Data Center
Will also offer cloud file storage for a fee.
2012.04.17 | Press Release
University of South Florida Deploys DDN Storage
And Lustre
2012.04.10 | Press Release
Fujitsu HPC at University of Tokyo
Comprising 230 Eternus storage systems for 3.2PB
2012.04.09 | Press Release
Future Forms of Solid-State Technology
By Panasas CTO Garth Gibson
2012.03.29 | In Brief
Strategy of Software AG for Big Data
Platform to provide low latency, in-memory access
2012.03.12 | Press Release
CommVault Simpana Chosen by University of Rochester Medical Center
Replacing legacy Symantec NetBackup
2012.03.02 | Press Release
The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, Chooses Proact
For metrocluster with flash cache accelerators spread across two data centers
2012.02.28 | Press Release
Unisys UK Helps Isle of Man Government
For data center transformation project with EMC VPLEX
2012.02.21 | Press Release
Bleak Future of SSDs
Don't miss this article if you follow SSD technology.
2012.02.17 | In Brief
CoreLink Adding Suite of Backup Services
With offsite protection across Chicago, LV, Phoenix and Seattle data centers
2012.02.15 | Press Release
New Heat Technology for HDDs (not HAMR)
10X capacity and 300X performance compared to today's disk drives
2012.02.09 | Press Release
StoneFly OEM of Permabit
To get data reduction software
2012.02.09 | Press Release
FAST Technology Shipped With 1.3EB of EMC Storage
In two years
2012.02.07 | Press Release
Oracle Ships 1EB of StorageTek T10000C Tapes
In 9 months
2012.02.02 | Press Release
25GB of Cloud Storage for $0.99/Month for One Year
Promotion of until January 27
2012.01.26 | Press Release
Sepaton Experienced Consecutive Revenue Growth Each Quarter of 2011
And was profitable last two quarters.
2012.01.26 | Press Release
300% Growth of MRAM Shipments in 2011 for Everspin
Customers include Dell and LSI for RAIDs.
2012.01.20 | Press Release
IP of InPhase for Sale
After Chapter 11
2012.01.19 | Press Release
Apple Confirms Acquisition of Anobit
For $390 million
2012.01.12 | In Brief
ANALYSIS: All Mergers and Acquisitions in 2011
The year of HDD consolidation
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2012.01.03 | News
Online Backup Firm VaultLogix Now Protecting 600TB of Business Data
Allowing customers to restore 40 million files in 2011
2011.12.29 | Press Release
Slovak Academy of Science Chooses IBM for National HPC Project
Including DS5000 storage system
2011.12.29 | Press Release
State of Indiana Installing Two EMC Symmetrix VMAX
Increased performance by 27% with FAST VP
2011.12.27 | Press Release
Beginning of the End for Competition in HDDs?
Seagate and WD slashing warranty periods at about the same time
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.12.20 | News
Companies Using or Adopting Cloud in 2012 to Grow to 45%
State of Resilience 2011 report from Vision Solutions
2011.12.19 | Press Release
After Floods, Sea of Disk Drive Shortages
Seagate's CEO Luczo predicts scarcity through 2012.
2011.11.22 | In Brief
Metropolitan State College Denver Implements CommVault Simpana
Replacing EMC NetWorker
2011.11.22 | Press Release
Cofio Releases Free Version of Backup Software AIMstor for SMBs
Throughout North America
2011.11.18 | Press Release
London Institute of Cancer Research Uses SGI DMF Software and Storage
To access archives
2011.11.16 | Press Release
Prices of HDDs Already Tripling for SATA 3.5-Inch Units
Doubling for SATA 2.5-inch disk drives
2011.11.15 | Press Release
LaCie Acquired 11% of Loewe
German firm in home TV and sound systems
2011.11.14 | Press Release | [with our comments]
London Institute of Cancer Research Used SGI Storage and DMF software
To access to online data archives
2011.11.11 | Press Release
Skip Jones Re-Elected Chairman of FCIA
For 2011/2012
2011.11.01 | Press Release
Turnover of Proact Increased by 68%
For nine months ending in September
2011.10.31 | Press Release
Philippines’ Bruce Institute of Technology, Affiliate of BiTMICRO Networks
Training organization on microelectronics design and storage network systems
2011.10.26 | Press Release
EMC Raises Performance of VNX in Mission Critical Microsoft and Oracle Environments
50% more bandwidth, 10X performance with flash, 1.6PB rack per floor tile
2011.10.21 | Press Release
HP Doubles Customer Base of 3par
Since acquisition in September 2010
2011.10.19 | Press Release
New IBM Portfolio of Private Cloud Offerings …
In SmartCloud Foundation
2011.10.18 | Press Release
SNIA 2012 Board of Directors
EMC Wayne Adams continues as chairman.
2011.10.17 | Press Release
Adata: Financial Results for First Half of 2011
Revenues decreasing 34%
2011.10.17 | In Brief
Universities Manage Data Growth With NetApp
Like University of San Diego and Art Center College of Design
2011.10.12 | Press Release
EMC Doubles Performance of Oracle Database 11g RAC Running OLTP Workloads
In both physical and virtual environments
2011.10.07 | Press Release
Druva Chosen by University of California at Davis
For its Agriculture and Natural Resources Division
2011.10.07 | Press Release
Proact Delivers EMC Celerra NS960 to City of Oulu, Finland
With nearly 100TB
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.10.06 | News
Rebirth of 1.8-Inch HDD (or not)
A report from TrendFocus
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.10.04 | News
Isle of Man Races to Hybrid Cloud
With EMC VPLEX and Unified Storage
2011.10.04 | Press Release
Australian Bureau of Statistics Ramps Up Storage for 2016 Census
Implementing HP EVA 8400
2011.10.04 | In Brief
New EMC Center of Excellence in Durham, NC
450,000 square foot, 6PB of data
2011.09.29 | Press Release
Imation Acquires Assets of IronKey
Continuing small investments in security
2011.09.21 | Press Release
Panel of Start-Ups at ExecEvent
September 14-16 in Santa Clara, CA, $975 per person
2011.09.19 | Press Release
New Range of MatrixStore Nodes for Avid, Adobe and Final Cut workflows
Including 2TB and the 48TB units
2011.09.15 | Press Release
ViON Sponsor of MIT Enterprise Forum of Texas
For promoting technology in the state
2011.09.13 | Press Release
Sanrad Achieves 2TB of Flash
On front-loadable PCIe module, integral part of switch
2011.09.12 | Press Release
GreenBytes Selected by University of Maryland
Using combination of SSDs and HDDs
2011.09.12 | Press Release
Objections of EU to HGST Acquisition by Western Digital
But WD continues to expect transaction to close during 4Q11.
2011.08.22 | In Brief
Alabama State Department of Education Selects AppAssure
Replacing Backup Exec
2011.08.12 | Press Release
Nexsan E5000 Family of NAS at 8TB to 720TB
Leverages multiple tiers of SSD technology to cache file system data.
2011.08.11 | Press Release
London Borough of Sutton Adopted DataCore
For disaster recovery, with auto-provisioning
2011.08.03 | Press Release
The MVPs in History of WW Storage Industry
2012 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award for Dr. Naoya Takahashi
2011.07.28 | Press Release | [with our comments]
Seagate, REPMs & the Wrong End of the Stick
Problems with rare-earth materials
2011.07.28 | In Brief
Small Number of 1TB Seagate HDDs Could Fail
In 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac
by Jean Jacques Maleval | 2011.07.26 | News
Beta Availability of GlusterFS 3.3
Unified file and object storage software
2011.07.26 | Press Release
Bookings Revenues of Veeam Grew 119% From 2Q10 to 2Q11
Backup & Replication now has 25,000 customers.
2011.07.25 | Press Release