Storage Abbreviations

What do all these letters mean?
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Document: Data Storage Abbreviations

AES - Advanced Encryption Standard
AFA - All-Flash Array
AIT - Advanced Intelligent Tape
AME - Advanced Metal Evaporated
AMP - Advanced Metal Particle
AoE - ATA over Ethernet
API - Application Programming Interface
ARM - Automated Resource Management
ASA - Advanced SCSI Architecture
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ATA - AT Attachment
ATAPI - AT Attachment Packet Interface
ATL - Automated Tape Library
ATOMM - Advanced super Thin-layer and high-Output Metal Media
BC - Business Continuity
BER - Bit Error Rate
BPI - Bit per Inch

CAV - Constant Angular Velocity
CAS - Content Addressed Storage
CCS - Continuous Composite Servo
CD - Compact Disc
CD-E - Compact Disc Erasable
CD-I - Compact Disc Interactive
CD-R - Compact Disc Recordable
CD-ROM - Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
CD-RW - Compact Disc ReWritable
CD-XA - Compact Disc eXtended Architecture
CD-WORM - Compact Disc Write Once Read Many
CDP - Continuous Data protection
CDR - Clock and Data Recovery
CF - Compact Flash
CHS - Cylinder Head Sector
CIFS - Commmon Internet File System
CIM - Common Information Model
COM - Computer Outrput Microform
CKD - Count-Key-Data
CLV - Constant Linear Velocity
CMR - Conventional Magnetic Recording
CNA - Converged Network Adapter
CRC - Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRU - Customer Replaceable Unit
CSP - Cloud Storage Providers
CSS - Contact Start Stop

DAS - Direct Attached Storage
DAT - Digital Audio Tape
DASD - Direct Access Storage Device
DCT - Discrete Track Recording
DDR - Double Data Rate
DDS - Digital Data Storage
DES - Data Encryption Standard
DFSMS - Data Facility System Managed Storage
DLC - Diamond Like Carbon
DLM - Data Lifecycle Management
DLT - Digital Linear Tape
DMA - Direct Memory Access
DR - Disaster Recovery
DRaaS - Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service
DRAM - Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAW - Direct Read After Write
DSP - Digital Signal Processor
DVD - Digital Versatile (or Video) Disc
DVR - Digital Video Recorder
DVD - R—DVD-Recordable
DVD - ROM—DVD-Read Only Memory
DVD - RW—DVD-Rewritable
DVR - Digital Video Recorder

EB - Exabyte
ECC - Error Correction Code
EEPROM - Electronically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EIDE - Enhanced IDE
EDR - Enhanced Data Rate
EOF - End Of Frame
ERM - Enterprise Resource Management
eSATA - external Serial-AT Attachment
ESCON - Enterprise System CONnection
ESDI - Enhanced Small Device Interface
ESRM - Enterprise Storage Resource Management
EVA - Enterprise Virtual Array
FAN - File Area Network
FAS - Fabric-Attached Storage
FAT - File Allocation Table
FATA - Fibre Attached Technology Adapted
FBA - Fixed-Block Architecture
FC - Fiber Channel
FC-AL - Fiber Channel-Arbitrated Loop
FC-SATA - Fiber Channel-Serial-AT Attachment
FCI - Flux Change per Inch
FCIP - Fiber Channel over Internet Protocol
FCoE - Fiver Channel over Ethernet
FCP - Fibre Channel Protocol
FD - Floppy Disk
FDB - Fluid Dynamic Bearing (motors)
FDD - Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI - Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDR - Fourteen Data Rate
FH - Full-Height
FICON - Fiber Channel CONnectivity
FRAM - Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FRU - Field Replacement Unit
FSP - Fibre channel Service Protocol
FTP - File Transfer Protocol
FTPI - Flux Transition Per Inch

Gb - Gigabit
GB - Gigabyte
GCR - Group Code Recording
GUI - Graphic User Interface
GMR - Giant Magnetoresistive Head
HAMR - Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording
HBA - Host Bus Adapter
HCA - Host Channel Adapter
HDA - Head-Disk Assembly
HD - Hard Disk
HD DVD - High Definition DVD
HDD - Hard Disk Drive
HFS - Hierarchical File System
HGA - Head Gimbal Assembly
HH - Half Height
HiPPI - High Performance Parallel Interface
HPC - High Performance Computer
HSA - Head Stack Assembly
HSM - Hierarchical Storage Management

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
IB - InfiniBand
IDE - Intelligent/Integrated Device/Drive Electronics
I/O or IO - Input/Output
iFCP - internet Fibre Channel Protocol
ILM - Information Lifecycle Management
IOPS - Input Ouput Per Second
IP - Internet Protocol
IP SAN - IP Storage Area Network
IPI - Intelligent Peripheral Interface
ISA - Industry Standard Architecture
iSCSI - internet Small Computer System Interface
iSNS - internet Storage Name Service
ISV - Independent Software Vendor
JBOD - Just a Bunch Of Disks
KB - KiloByte

LBA - Logical Block Address
LDM - Logical Disk Manager
LP - Low Profile
LTFS - Linear Tape File System
LTO - Linear Tape Open
LUN - Logical Unit Number
LVD - Low Voltage Differential
LZW - Lempel-Ziv-Welch
MAID - Massive Array of Idle Disks
MAMR - Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording
Mb - Megabit
MB - MegaByte
Mbps - Megabit per second
MBps - Megabyte per second
MCBF - Mean Cycle Between Failures
MEMS - Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems
MFM - Multiple Frequency Modulation
MIC - Memory In Cassette
MIG - Metal in Gap
MLC - Multi-Level Cell
MO - Magneto-Optical
MR - Magneto-Resistive
MRAM - Magnetic Random-Access Memory
MRX - MagnetoResistive eXtended head
MSBF - Mean Swap Between Failures
MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
MTDA - Mean Time until loss of DAta
MTDL - Mean Time until Data Loss
MTTF - Mean Time To Failure
MTTR - Mean Time To Repair
MVS - Multiple Virtual Storage
MTU - Maximum Transfer Unit

NAS - Network Attached Storage
NCQ - Native Command Queuing
NCTP - Next Compatible Tape Product
NDMP - Network Data Management Protocol
NGIO - Next Generation I/O
NFR - Near Field Recording
NFS - Network File System
NIC - Network Interface Card
NRZ - Non-Return-to-Zero
NTFS - NT File System (for Windows)
NVMe -Non-Volatile Memory express
NVRAM - Non-Volatile Random Access Memory
ODD - Optical Digital Disc
ODM - Original Design Manufacturer
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
O-ROM - Optical-Read Only Memory
OPU - Optical Pick-up Unit
OSD - Object-based Storage Device


P-ROM - Partial-Read Only Memory
PATA - Parallel ATA
Pb - Petabit
PB - PetaByte
PCB - Printed Circuit Board
PCBA - Printed Circuit Board Assembly
PCI - Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCM - Plug-Compatible Manufacturer or Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PE - Phase Encoding
PFA - Predictive Failure Analysis
PIO - Programmed Input/Output
PMR - Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
POH - Power On Hours
POR - Power On Reset
PPRC - Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy
PRDF - PRML with Digital Filter
PRML - Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
PVR - Personal Video Recorder
QDR - Quad Data Rate
QIC - Quarter-Inch Cartridge
QoS - Quality of Service
RAID - Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpansive) Disks
RAIN - Redundant Array of Independent Nodes
RAIT - Redundant Array of Independent Tape drive
RAM - Random Access Memory
RDMA - Remote Direct Memory Access
RLL - Run Length Limited
ROM - Read-Only Memory
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RPO - Recovery Point Objective
RTO - Recovery Time Objective

SaaS - Storage as a Service
SAM - SCSI Architecture Model
SAN - Storage Area Network
SAS - SAN Attached Storage
SAS - Serial-Attached SCSI
SASI - Shugart Associates Standard Interface
SATA - Serial-AT Attachment
SCA - Single Connector Attachment
SCSI - Small Computer Systems Interface
SD - Secure Digital
SDS - Software-Defined Storage
SDK - Software Development Kit
SDN - Software-Defined Storage
SDR - Single Data Rate
SDRAM - Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
SED - Self Encrypting Drive
SLC - Single-Level Cell
SLED - Single Large Expensive Disk
SMART - Self Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology
SMI - Storage Management Initiative
SMI-S - Storage Management Initiative Specification
SMR - Shingled Magnetic Recording
SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol
SNR - Signal-to-Noise Ratio
SoC - System-On-a Chip
SONET - Synchronous Optical NETwork
SPI - SCSI Parallel Interface
SRM - Storage Resource Management
SSA - Serial Storage Architecture
SSHD - Solid State Hard Drive
SSD - Solid State Disk
SSP - Serial SCSI Protocol
SSP - Storage Service Provider

Tb - Terabit
TB - TeraByte
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
TCQ - Tagged Command Queuing
TFI - Thin-Film Inductive
TLER - Time-Limited Error Recovery
TOE - TCP/IP Offload Engine
TMR - Tunnel Magneto Resistance
TPI - Track Per Inch
UDMA - Ultra Direct Memory Access
USB - Universal Serial Bus
VAD - Value Added Distributor
VAR - Value-Added Reseller
VBA - Virtual Block Address
VCM - Voice Coil Motor
VI - Virtual Interface
VIA - Virtual Interface Architecture
VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network
VM - Virtual Machine
VOD - Video On Demand
VTL - Virtual Tape Library
WAFS - Wide Area File Services
WAN - Wide Area Network
WinFS - Windows Future Storage
WORM - Write Once Read Many
ZBR - Zone Bit Recording
ZCAV - Zone Constant Angular Velocity

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