is published by Micro-Journal, SARL de presse, a privately-held company founded in 1976.

Specialized in IT media, the company hast published several periodicals, Le Courrier de la Microcopie (on micrographics), Reproduire (on photocopying and printing), Mémoires Optiques (now MOS, on the archiving and optical disc industry), as well as a weekly paper on basketball, Micro-Basket.

Since February 1988, Micro-Journal has published StorageNewsletter, a 16-page monthly newsletter in English on paper, then in PDF only, monitoring the rapidly growing and changing worldwide data storage industry.

In November 2007, Micro-Journal replaced it with a free Web site,, publishing daily news, once more on the worldwide storage industry.

One of the strengths of this Web site is the international scope, based on a wide range of information sources worldwide. All the news are written in English, but local German and French news are published in their own language.

Editor and publisher, Jean-Jacques Maleval, is a well-known veteran data storage expert with over 40 years of activity in computer journalism.

He is also a prolific writer with thousands of articles on basket-ball and IT to his credit, in publications including Le Monde, Le Figaro, Le Matin de Paris, L’Equipe, Le Monde Informatique, Décision Informatique, 01 Informatique Hebdo, O1net, Electronique International Hebdo,, Les Techniques de l’Ingénieur, SVM, Info-PC, La Vie Française, Les Echos, France-Soir, Le Journal du Dimanche, Nord-Matin, Newsport, le Cinq Majeur, L’Equipe-Basket-Magazine, L’Equipe-Basket-Hebdo, Sport, Maxi-Basket, Converse Basketball Yearbook. He is also the co-author of a book on US basketball, Ce Fabuleux Basket Américain.

He travels quite pretty often to IT storage shows and conventions around the world, and regularly meets storage executives and gurus.

He holds a master degree in Economics and Computer Science, both from the University of Paris. When he was younger, he plays few minutes in the final game of the French University Championship, the equivalent of the NCAA Final Four in France.

He is married to Isabelle and they have two boys, Benjamin and Boris, and three grandchildren, Anouk, Sasha and Lino.

During his free time, he enjoys the company with his children, extended family and friends, and engages in hobbies that include do-it-yourself, drum, and basketball.

His dream: to have his own vineyard in the French Lot department to produce just one liter of Cahors red wine per day.