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Storage Dictionary (SNIA)

Terms and definitions related to storage and other information technologies

The SNIA Dictionary

By the Storage Networking Industry Association

The SNIA Dictionary contains terms and definitions related to storage and other information technologies, and is the storage networking industry’s most comprehensive attempt to date to arrive at a common body of terminology for the technologies it represents. The terms go through a rigorous technical review and approval process by the SNIA Technical Council to assure their accuracy. The SNIA Technical Council is a group of industry technical experts elected by the members of the SNIA to guide the SNIA’s technical efforts. Their individual technical backgrounds cover all aspects of storage.

The reader should recognize that in this rapidly evolving field, new terminology is constantly being introduced, and common usage is shifting. The SNIA regards this dictionary as a living document, to be updated as necessary to reflect a consensus on common usage, and encourages readers to treat it in that spirit.

To download the 2016 SNIA Dictionary