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Samsung Develops 10.7Gb/s LPDDR5X DRAM Optimized for AI Applications

Leveraging 12nm-class process technology, comes with 25% higher performance, 30% more capacity and 25% higher power efficiency.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. developed the 1st LPDDR5X DRAM supporting the industry’s highest performance of up to 10.7Gb/s.

Samsung 10.7gbps Lpddr5x Dl4

Leveraging 12nm-class process technology, it has achieved the smallest chip size among existing LPDDRs, solidifying its technological leadership in the low-power DRAM market.

As demand for low-power, high-performance memory increases, LPDDR DRAM is expected to expand its applications from mainly mobile to other areas that traditionally require higher performance and reliability such as PCs, accelerators, servers and automobiles,” said YongCheol Bae, EVP, memory product planning, memory business, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to innovate and deliver optimized products for the upcoming on-device AI era through close collaboration with customers.”

With the surge in AI applications, on-device AI, which enables direct processing on devices, is becoming increasingly crucial, underscoring the need for low-power, high-performance LPDDR memory.

The firm’s 10.7Gb/s LPDDR5X improves performance by more than 25% and capacity by more than 30%, compared to the previous-gen, and also expands the single package capacity of mobile DRAM up to 32GB, making it an optimal solution for the on-device AI era that requires high-performance, high-capacity and low-power memory.

In particular, the LPDDR5X incorporates specialized power-saving technologies such as optimized power variation that adjusts power according to workload and expanded low-power mode intervals which extend energy-saving periods. These improvements enhance power efficiency by 25% over the previous-gen, enabling mobile devices to provide longer battery life and allowing servers to minimize TCO by lowering energy usage when processing data.

Mass production of the 10.7Gb/s LPDDR5X is scheduled to begin by 2H24, following verification with mobile application processor (AP) and mobile device providers.

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