Press releases

If you don’t see any of the press releases of your company published on, don’t hesitate to sent it to us and to add our email address ( on your mailing list. is always on the lookout for great and exciting industry news. If you have something to tell, it’s time to contact us!

We publish news in English but we also accept press releases concerning local news in German and French languages.


When sending us your scoops, please keep the following in mind :

  • The information has to be verifiable.
  • It can’t be defamatory in regard to the law.
  • It has to be specifically about IT storage.

What’s in for you ?

How about fame ? We do not pay for tips, so all you will get from reporting to us is your name on a recognized IT storage media and peer recognition.

Of course, we also accept anonymous scoops, as long as they comply to our reporting guidelines.