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Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2022

More than 100% for Kasten by Veeam, Hammerspace, Vast Data, Lenovo storage and Komprise

This article is regularly updated when we will get more information from other companies.

Yearly since 2013, we are ranking the top fastest growing storage companies in sales, ARR or bookings, either start-ups, private or public firms, here from 2021 to 2022 (calendar year or fiscal year), based on published figures only.

They are public or privately held and, for the private ones, as usual, they do not reveal the exact figure of their sales but growth percentage only.

This time Kasten by Veeam with 300% (900% last year) is on par with Hammerspace, followed Vast Data 250% (380% last year), and Lenovo storage.

Of course, we missed all the private storage companies that didn’t reveal anything on their financial activity. For 2 reasons: 1/ they are successful but neglect to inform us about it; 2/ they are not successful and prefer not divulge their results.

Note: Other companies could be probably included in this table of fastest growing storage firms in 2022, but they didn’t prove it by publishing precisely their yearly growing figures.

Top Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2022
(Source: StorageNewsletter.com)

Vendors 2021/2022 growth Activity
1 Kasten by Veeam 300% (ARR) Secure protection for Kubernetes deployments
1 Hammerspace 300% (ARR) Software-defined automated data orchestration system
3 Vast Data
250% (ARR) Data platform company for AI
4 Lenovo storage 138% Subsystems
5 Komprise 100% Analytics-driven unstructured data management and mobility
6 Infinidat
59% Y/Y bookings in 1Q23 High-end storage subsystems
7 MSys Technologies 42% Distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations with open source, proprietary, cloud-native, and containerized technology expertise
8 Ctera Networks 38% (ARR) Edge-to-cloud file services
9 Pure Storage
30% AFA
10 Nakivo
26% (from 1Q22 to 1Q23) Backup software
11 Axcient

(Y/Y in 1Q23)

Business availability software for MSPs
12 ExaGrid

(Y/Y in 4Q22)

Tiered backup storage solution
13 EditShare 15% Collaborative media workflows on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid configuration

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