We make it very simple to be a sponsor of StorageNewsletter.com:

1 – Banners on the Website, click here for details, availability and cost

2 – Banners on the daily Newsletter sent to our 30,000 worldwide subscribers, 
click here for details, availability and cost

  • You can combine several banners together to increase your visibility
  • 20% discount for minimum 4 weeks
  • 20% + 20% discount for minimum 12 weeks
  • Banners on the Newsletter must start a Monday and end a Friday

3 – Emailing service to send your own HTML to our 30,000 worldwide subscribers,
Cost is €870 per sending, click here to check availability


Our audience is 70% North America, 10% Europe, 20% APAC & rest of the world
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Please contact info@storagenewsletter.com for more details.


Guideline for banners

You hesitate in between a banner on website or newsletter?

You must first consider the number of placements at both places and select where there are the least.

Placements on newsletter are seen by all of our 30,000 worldwide subscribers when they receive our daily Newsletter.

Placements on website are seen by anyone landing to any page of the website.

Should I allocate my budget to a small banner for longer time or a bigger banner for a shorter period?

This is really dependent of your goals: If you want to communicate on a topic that you want a maximum of clicks rapidly, better to increase your visibility with a bigger banner by combining placements. If you want a long term visibility, better to choose only one banner and stay as long as your budget allows.

Should I expect more ROI with the highest placement on the site?

Not necessarily, we know that most of our sponsors like to be more close to the top of the page; however, based on experience, we know that position of the placement has no much importance as most of visitors come first to read articles, not to find something to buy.

In most cases, visitors read articles prior to look at ads.

Banners are always visible with all articles, depending on the length of the article that visitors read they will always have a banner nearby!

Guideline for Emailings

One full HTML page with images hosted at your own. You can send  to us the HTML code as a file attached to a mail. For a first sending, we suggest you send to us your creative a few days before the sending date.

You need to provide a subject title and choose a time for your sending. You can select any time you want excepted in between 7:00am EST and 11:00am EST because this is the time frame for the daily Newsletter sending.

Two days after the sending, we send to you a report with click count (unique and total).

We can proceed to only 3 sendings each week and emailings are always in big demand with sometimes several months booked, however we hold a waiting list in case of a cancellation.

We are unable to rework your HTML code whenever it is necessary to solve possible layout/browsers issues. We will send as many tests as necessary. Be sure to have someone experimented with HTML to avoid delays.


Statistics for Emailings

2022 06 29 Emailings Stats