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xiRAID Opus by Xinnor Demonstrates Superior Performance over mraid in Virtualized Enviroments

Excels in random operations, showcasing performance with close to 1 million IO/s per single CPU core and minimal latency.

Xinnor Ltd., in collaboration with Kioxia Corp., has released a co-branded whitepaper showcasing the performance of xiRAID Opus in virtualized environments.

Xinnor Kioxia Wp Intro

The whitepaper compares the performance of xiRAID Opus, Xinnor’s software RAID engine operating in user space, with mdraid when using 10 Kioxia CM7 PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSDs.

The objective of the testing was to evaluate the applicability of software RAID arrays with high-performance NVMe drives for VMs requiring fast storage.

The tests conducted in Kioxia’s lab and reported in the whitepaper demonstrate that xiRAID Opus excels in random operations, showcasing performance with close to 1 million IO/s per single CPU core and minimal latency. Its single-VM setup achieves latency levels below 100μs, making it for latency-sensitive applications. In random writes, xiRAID is 4x faster than MDRAID, maintaining high performance even under heavy loads. In degraded mode, xiRAID Opus outperforms MDRAID by 20x in read operations, showcasing minimal performance loss vs. normal operation. This robustness ensures consistent performance, even in case of one or more drive failures.

Distribution of VMs, vhost controllers, RAID groups and NVMe drives

Xinnor Distribution Of Virtual Machines, Vhost Controllers, Raid Groups And Nvme Drives

In sequential operations, xiRAID maintains performance close to theoretical maximums, while mdraid lags significantly behind. xiRAID’s resilience makes it suitable for data-intensive applications, even in suboptimal conditions.

Speaking on the release of the whitepaper, Davide Villa, CRO, Xinnor, commented: “We are thrilled to present the findings of our whitepaper developed in collaboration with Kioxia. The results underscore the exceptional performance of xiRAID Opus in virtualized environments, reaffirming our commitment to delivering cutting-edge storage solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

White paper and more information on xiRAID Opus are available on the Xinnor’s website.

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