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All Financial Rounds of Funding of Storage Start-Ups Since 2000

Total of 1,532, but less and less, 93 in 2013, only 20 in 2023 up to now

We have collected all financial rounds of funding raised since 2003 when known.

But there was several others before that, the first one apparently being raised by Memorex, born in 1961 and, at this time, in tape and HDD IBM compatible subsystems and later, in 1965, being public through probably the first IPO in the storage industry, and then acquired by Burroughs in 1982.

1,532 rounds were recorded from 2000 to 2023 with a record of 93 in 2013 and then generally decreasing with 38 in 2022. For 2023, the figure is only 20 up to now.

≠ of financial rounds since 2000 in storage industry
Strtups 2023
(Source: StorageNewsletter.com)

Note that we also record the total investment when it was announced but, for some start-ups, we got only the figure for one or more rounds.

Historical records in total financial funding in $ million
(more than $300 million)
Databricks 4,200 (new one in 2023)
Dropbox 1,700
Cloudera 1,041
Cohesity 660
Kaseya 567.4
Box 554.5
Pillar Data 544
Rubrik 553
Wasabi 534.1
Pure Storage 531
Own Company 507.3
Twist Bioscience 503.1
Veeam 500
DigitalOcean 491.3
Druva 475
Dremio 421.5
Acronis 408
Vast Data 381
Nutanix 370.3
Actifio 352.5
Qumulo 351
Infinidat 325
Fungible 319.9
(Source: StorageNewsletter.com)

Largest financial round in 2023 in $ million
Databricks 684.6
(Source: StorageNewsletter.com)

18 financial rounds in 2023

Companies (HQs)
Born in 2003 funding Total Funding Business
Alcion (Santa Clara, CA) 2022 21 29 AI-driven BaaS platform for Microsoft 365
Arpio (Durham, NC) 2018 8.2 8.2 cloud DR for AWS
Astran (Paris, France) 2021 5 7.3 software that unlocks cloud adoption without compromising data confidentiality, security, and compliance
Cloudian (San Mateo, CA) 2011 60 233 hybrid cloud storage platform; formerly Gemini Mobile Technologies; acquired Infinity Storage in 2018
Cumulus Encrypted Storage System (Manchester, UK) 2019 8 8 blockchain-powered decentralized storage and CDN infrastructure for Web3
Databricks (San Francisco, CA) 2013 684.6 4,200 cloud data platform that interacts with corporate information stored in the public cloud
Evonetix (Essex, UK) 2015 25.4 68.1 DNA for storage; Cambridge Consultants spin-out
FilSwan (Toronto, Canada) 2021 3 3 storage and computing infrastructure layer for Web3
Floadia (Tokyo, Japan) 2011 7 33.28 embedded flash memory IP cores
Genomika (Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis, Lithuania) 2019 5 5 DNA storage technologies
Hammerspace (San Mateo, CA) 2018 56.7 56.7 SaaS to simplify availability and control of unstructured data across hybrid cloud
Impossible Cloud (Hamburg, Germany) 2021 10.9 10.9 cloud storage solution, which bridge gap between traditional and web3 businesses
Inspeere (Poitiers, France) 2019 0.6 0.6 blockchain-based backup solution
Intrinsic Semiconductor Technologies (London, UK) 2017 8.5 9.9 memristive RRAM devices, UCL spinout company
Komprise (Campbell, CA) 2014 37 85 software using analytics-driven adaptive automation to manage massive data growth transparently across all storage silos
LucidLink (San Francisco, CA) 2016 75 90 cloud backed distributed file service
Panmesia (Daejeon, Korea) 2022 12.5 12.5 fabless semiconductor company focused on CXL
UltiHash (San Francisco, CA) 2022   2.5 high-performance and sustainable storage solution
Vast Data (New York City, NY) 2016 118 381 Universal Storage Architecture with flash memory to bring end to enterprise HDD and storage tiering area; also in Israel
Volumez (Santa Clara, CA) 2020 20 20 SaaS composable data infrastructure; also in Israel
Weebit Nano (Hod Hasharon, Israel) 2015 40 106.3 in semiconductor memory elements to become faster, more reliable energy efficient and cost effective NVM

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