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History of Storage Industry

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on the the history of worldwide storage industry.

In StorageNewsletter.com:

  • On Storage Globally

From Punch Cards to Blu-Ray
By Maximum PC

MVPs in History of WW Storage Industry

2012 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award for Dr. Naoya Takahashi

More Than 100 Books Published on Storage
With links on Amazon.com

History of big data
Starts many years ago.

  • On HDD Only

First HDD at 55 From IBM at 100
Ramac 350: 4.4MB, $11,000 per MB

IBM RAMAC Engineer Jack Clemens
Among those who built Silicon Valley

IBM 3390, World’s Largest and Most Expensive HDD Teardown
Originates from around 1989.

Walking Through 40 Years of HDD History
As seen by Jim Porter at Idema

IBM 305 RAMAC Data Processing System
Random Access Method of Accounting and Control

A new book on Seagate’s history by Gordon Hughes

List of 221 Companies in HDD Manufacturing Since 1956
Only three remaining

Remarkable History of Evolution of HDD Prices
Declining from $50,000 in 1956 to $49 in 2010

The Cost of Data Storage Throughout the Years
Data storage wasn’t as inexpensive as it is today.

History of HDD Cost, by Matt Komorowski
Over last 30 years, space per unit cost doubled every 14 months.

HDD Technology Trends
Excellent article from IBM researchers in Almaden, CA

First HDD Form Factor Introductions
From 24-inch to 0.85-inch

Cost of Hard Drive Storage Space
The cost of hard drives, used in computers for storing data in large quantities, has been falling rapidly for many years.

A History of Storage Cost
How the cost of a gigabyte has changed over the last 30 years.

  • On Tape Only

First Computer Tape Drive Originated From Remington Rand
The year before first IBM’s one, just sixty years old

  • On Flash Memory Only

Who Invented USB Flash Drive?
M-Systems with IBM

25th Anniversary of NAND Flash Technology
Invented by Toshiba, with incredible evolution

  • On People Only

The MVPs in History of WW Storage Industry
2012 IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award for Dr. Naoya Takahashi

Other links on the web:

  • On Storage Globally

Adventures in Cybersound
Valdemar Poulsen: 1869-1942

History of storage: Cuneiform tablets to flash
By Rupert Goodwins

A Paradigm Shift; Digital Magnetic Recording
By Al Hoagland

The Future of Storage Technologies
by Sadik C. Esener, Mark H. Kryder, William D. Doyle, Marvin Keshner, Masud Mansuripur, David A. Thompson

A Chronology of Magnetic Recording
by David Morton

From punch cards to iPods: A short history of storage
By Deni Connor

The First 50 Years, Analog Recording
By Finn Jorhensen

Magnetic recording has memorable future
By Janet Rae-Dupree, Mercury News staff writer

Computer History Museum: Storage Special Interest Group

  • On HDD Only

Interview with Rey Johnson on 35th anniversary of RAMAC
Video clip from television program

History of HDD drives (Wikipedia)

Five decades of disk drive industry firsts
By Jim Porter

Reminiscences: Magnetic Disk Storage
By Al Shugart

Photo-file of early magnetic disk history started in downtown San Jose
This file contains a few pictures illustrating the early activities initiated under Rey Johnson in downtown San Jose that led to the creation of magnetic disk storage with the RAMAC.

Disk drives take eventful spin
By George Rostky

Disk Drives, Their Evolution and Impact on Santa Clara Valley
By Jim Porter

The Evolution of the Disk Drive Industry
By Dave McKendrick

Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Global Industries: Technological Change and Foreign Assembly in the HDD Drive Industry

By Dave McKendrick

The dynamics of the HDD industry development in Singapore
By Poh-Kam Wong, Centre for Management of Innovation and Technopreneurship, National University of Singapore

Cost of HDD Storage Space

  • On SSD Only



  • On Tape Only

Storage on Tape
By Juan Rodriguez

  • On RAID Only

A video series featuring Garth Gibson discussing the history of RAID can be viewed here, here and here.