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Icy Dock ToughArmor RAID MB902SPR-B R1 Dual-Bay RAID-1 and JBOD Enclosure for 2×2.5-Inch SATA SSD/HDD in 5.25-Inch Optical Drive Bay

Built-in hardware RAID chipset and easy-to-read RAID status LED indicators, letting user mirror 2.5" drives for data redundancy and monitoring RAID status without pairing with RAID card

Icy Dock launches the ToughArmor RAID MB902SPR-B R1 a dual bay RAID-1 and JBOD enclosure that supports 2×2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD in a 5.25″ optical drive bay of user computer/workstation/rackmount system.

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 1

The MB902SPR-B R1 is equipped with built-in hardware RAID chipset and easy-to-read RAID status LED indicators, letting user mirror the 2.5″ drives for data redundancy and monitoring the RAID status without pairing with a RAID card or using RAID monitoring software.

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 Intro

In addition, the built-in RAID chipset does all the calculations without using the system resources, which improves the system’s performance compared to motherboard RAID or software RAID. Finally, the removable drive trays and hot-swap feature let user replace a failed drive without shutting down the system, making the MB902SPR-B R1 a drive enclosure for any mission-critical computing system, such as industrial automation systems and file server systems.

Built-In RAID-1 and JBOD

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 2

With the built-in JMS562 RAID chipset, user can add a RAID-1 array to any computer system that uses a SATA connection without needing a RAID controller card or RAID-compatible motherboard. Simply connect the ToughArmor RAID enclosure to the system’s SATA and power ports, insert 2×2.5″ drive, and the ToughArmor automatically mirror the drives for data redundancy to prevent data loss or system downtime caused by a hard drive failure. In addition, the newly added JBOD mode allows user to view 2 individual drives (SATA port multiplier required) or erase the RAID table from the drives without using drive-erasing software or MS-DOS commands.

RAID Status LED Indicators 

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 RaidThe ToughArmor RAID MB902SPR-B R1 is equipped with RAID status LED indicators for RAID-1 health monitoring during the operation so users can grasp the live RAID status without installing the RAID monitoring software. However, if user application requires using RAID monitoring software, it is available for download and installation on Windows/Mac computers.

EZ-Slide removable drive trays

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 4

The ToughArmor RAID MB902SPR-B R1 features metal removable EZ-Slide drive trays, allowing the user to install or remove drives without opening the computer case or powering off the computer. The EZ-Slide Tray supports 5-15mm height 2.5″ SSD/HDD and is compatible with ToughArmor enclosures, including MB991SK-B / MB991IK-B (1xdrive), MB994IPO-3SB / MB602SPO-B (2xdrive), and MB607SP-B / MB994SP-4S / MB994SP-4SB-1 (4xdrive). This allows user to continue using the same drive trays from these enclosures and exchange drives between systems without unmounting the drive from the tray.

EMI grounding

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 5

Making sure drives are properly grounded is important, especially through many drive swaps. Without it, there is a high possibility that there may be static shocks that could damage user drives or may result in losing important data. Firm’s EMI grounding technology ensures a stable and safe environment for the HDD/SSD used, which improves reliability.

Safe and secure
Ruggedized metal chassis and trays ensure drive security and further aids in drive heat dissipation. A built-in anti-vibration mechanism helps to reduce noise and protects vs. environmental damage.

Packed with features

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 7


Large ventilation holes are placed around the enclosure to work alongside user system’s cooling system to keep drives at optimal temperatures.

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 8The ToughArmor MB902SPR-B R1 supports SATA 7 pin data and 15 pin power cables with locking latches, so user will never need to worry about the cables unintentionally disconnecting from the enclosure. Once the cables are connected, they will stay in place.

Make ToughArmor On-The-GO! with MB991U3-1SB

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 9

To access data outside of system or in a remote location, the ToughArmor MB991U3-1SB is the way to go about.

ToughArmor MB991U3-1SB

Icy Dock Mb991u3 1sb

The drive tray slot of MB991U3-1SB is compatible with a variety of ToughArmor drive trays including the ToughArmor MB991, MB992, MB994, MB996 and MB998 series. This allows existing firm’s users to access their internal drive externally without opening up the case. It is a tool for an individual drive diagnostic test. If user need to do a safe data erase or just simply expending system storage capacity, just remove the tray from the internal ToughArmor unit and insert it in the MB991U3-1SB to perform individual tasks externally with USB 3.0 interface. Best of all, the MB991U3-1SB uses USB bus-powered and it does not require a power adapter to operate. Simply connect the USB cable to any system and it is ready to go.

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 10

SSD/HDD RAID enclosures for 5.25″ optical drive bay

  • Dual 2.5″+3.5″ SATA Drive + HW RAID-1 and JBOD w/Advanced RAID status Indicators – MB901SPR-B R1

  • Dual 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD + HW RAID-1 and JBOD w/Advanced RAID status Indicators – MB902SPR-B R1

SSD/HDD RAID Enclosures for external 3.5″ drive bay

  • Dual 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD + HW RAID-0/1/BIG/JBOD – MB992SKR-B

Key features :

  • Supports 2×2.5″ SSD/HDD, from 5-15mm height  
  • Supports RAID-1 and JBOD modes  
  • Installs into any standard external 1×5.25″ optical drive bay  
  • Supports up to 6Gb/s data transfer speed  
  • Built-In JMS562 hardware RAID chipset  
  • Easy-to-read RAID status LED indicators for drive power, access, fail, and RAID-1 rebuilding process  
  • Supports SATA and 15-pin power cable with locking latch design  
  • Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) – reduces noise and protects vs. environmental damage  
  • EMI Grounding – protects HDDs/SSDs from electrical damage  
  • Eagle-hook tray latch securely holds the tray inside the enclosure  
  • Ruggedized metal construction with commercially designed for medical and military systems, servers, and industrial PCs  
  • 5-year limited warranty  
  • Complimentary support from professionally trained technical support agents

ToughArmor RAID MB902SPR-B R1 specs

Icy Dock Mb902spr B R1 Spectabl

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