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94 Million to 96 Million HDDs Shipped in 1Q18 – Trendfocus
Only nearline sales remaining strong, WD slightly leader in front of Seagate, Toshiba losing market share

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IBM FlashSystem 9100 Delivers NVMe-Based Storage System
Up to 24 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs in 2U, 19-inch rackmount enclosure
Introducing CloudBerry Backup 5.9
With tracking locally deleted data, file- and disk-level backup for VMware ESXi, support for one Zone-IA, and archive mode for Google Cloud, Azure, and B2
Storage Utility Delivers Variable Capacity Storage Options for IBM Cloud Object Storage
Also enabling variable billing
CloudEndure: IT Resilience for Hybrid Cloud
Suite of multi-tier DR, continuous backup and live migration solutions supporting physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure
R&D: Step Closer to Single-Atom Storage
Research in miniaturization of magnetic bits has focused heavily on magnetic bistability.
Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform Approved as Veeam Ready Repository
Provides HA, security, and broad application support.
Danish Keepit: SaaS Data Protection for Enterprise and SMBs
Through collaboration with Veritas
Caesars Entertainment EMEA Deployed Pivot3 Hyperconverged Solutions
To increase data protection and support future IT infrastructure needs
Madison County Circuit Clerk’s Office Got NETArchive From Alliance Storage Technologies
To protect, secure and ensure access to court data
DataCore Awarded Patent on Stream Architecture for Data Representation
Enabling capabilities in software-defined storage solutions, including CDP and random write accelerator
Carnegie Mellon University Assigned Patent
L1.sub.0-ordered MnAl thin films with high perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
ownCloud and Landesarbeitskreis Niedersachsen für Informationstechnik/Hochschulrechenzentren Collaborate
To build cloud storage infrastructure for Lower Saxony's universities

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