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Why Disk Beats Tape in Backup Wars ?

Tape is fast but disk is quick.

Development Bank of Japan Considering Investment of $2.7 Billion in Toshiba Memory

Development Bank of Japan Considering Investment of $2.71 Billion in Toshiba Memory

Best SSDs in 1Q19 – AnandTech

Symphonic Cooperative Flash Zones for SSD From Radian Memory Systems

SSDs to provide flash zones, zone tiering, and an 'All Firmware' SDF implementation

Hyperstone X1 SATA-III SSD Controller

Targeting industrial and high-reliability SSDs, M.2 and U.2 modules, CFast cards and system-in-package eSSDs

Actifio GO Multi-Cloud Copy Data Management SaaS Platform

To backup and restore, accelerate DevOps and analytics initiatives and meet regulatory and compliance requirements for applications on premises and in multi-cloud environments

IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.7 and Protect Plus V10.1.3

Deliver new application support and optimization for long term data retention.

Five New Amazon EC2 Bare Metal Instances Available

M5, M5d, R5, R5d and z1d

Tenzar Achieving Cloud Data Transfer Breakthrough

Next-gen Data Transfer Protocol technology that speeds up transfer of files and datasets across cloud infrastructure

Infortrend Updated EonOne Management Software

Enhances performance and management functions that improve usability of EonStor GS family.

From Plugable, 10Gb/s USB-C (USB 3.1 Gen 2) NVMe SSD Enclosure


History (1977): DEC TE16 Magtape Drive

Stores 5MB-46MB on 2,400-feet half-inch wide tape

Vice Admiral David H. Buss Board’s Advisor, OpenDrives

To grow revenue in government, military and security markets

Pavilion Data Systems Assigned Patent

Recovery mechanism for low latency metadata log

Liqid Assigned Patent

Optimizing storage among plurality of drives
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Top NewsIsraeli Start-Up Model9 SoftwareComment Icon

Pure Storage Delivering NVMe-oF RoCE on AFA

Showa Denko to Begin Shipment of MAMR-Based HD Media This YearComment Icon

Revenue Growth of 55% in 4Q18 from 4Q17 for Nakivo

WW Semiconductor Revenue Grew 13% in 2018 at $477 Billion – Gartner

Tips to Select Best Cloud Backup Solution

Cloudian Expanding in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Stellar Updates Data Recovery Software Suite

Xorux: STOR2RRD V2.50 Freeware Monitoring Tool

History (1976): Shugart SA 400 Minifloppy Disk Drive

Donald Robertson VP, Finance, and Chief Accounting Officer, Western Digital

IBM and Dell Collaborating

Infortrend Technology Assigned Patent

Data Deposit Box Assigned Patent

Webhoster EUserv bringt neue dedizierte Speicherserver Filer v5 German Flag

Top NewsMimecast: Fiscal 3Q19 Financial ResultsComment Icon

Nasuni Receives $25 Million Growth Equity Funding

OffsiteDataSync Acquires Data Harbor

Results of SPEC SFS 2014 Benchmark Testing of WekaIO Matrix Product

Yeestor YS9203 PCIe SSD Memory Controller

NERSC Tape Archives Make Move to Berkeley Lab’s Shyh Wang Hall

R&D: Dual-Functional Nanoscale Devices Using Phase-Change Materials

History: All Acquisitions of NetApp

Sven Breuner Field CTO, Excelero