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Top News19 Storage Acquisitions at Mid-2022


Qumulo Lays Off 80 Employees

Arcserve Expanded N Series Storage Appliances Range Including N1100-4 and N1200-4 Models Up to 240TB

Retrospect/StorCentric Launches Retrospect Cloud for Offsite Data Protection

Leti Innovation Days: Weebit Nano Demos ReRAM IP Module

Microsoft: Availability Storage Optimized Azure VMs Deliver Performance for Data Analytics

Microsoft Storage Optimized Azure VMs Deliver Higher Performance for Data Intensive Workloads

Embedded World: Exascend Wins Best in Show With PI4 Series Industrial-Grade E1.S SSD Up to 7.7GB

CloudWave: Healthcare Cloud and Managed Services


Researchers Uncover Ways to Break the Encryption of Mega Cloud Storage Service

Top Storage Virtualization Providers

Best Vendors for Large Enterprises Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

DNA Data Storage Alliance Joins SNIA

Cadence PCIe 5.0 Spec Compliance for PHY and Controller IP in TSMC Advanced Technologies

Qnap Fixing PHP Vulnerability Security Advisory QSA-22-20

History (1999): California Court Rejected Suit Filed by Amstrad 1991

R&D: Sense Amplifier for ReRAM-Based Crossbar Memory Systems


Somenath Das Product Manager, Dell

Srivatsan (Sri) Vaiyakarnam Chief Customer Success Officer and SVP Customer Success, NetApp

Zettaset Assigned Patent

CRU Data Security Group Assigned Patent

Top NewsNVMe: Driving Changes in Traditional M&E Storage Hierarchy

PCI-SIG Developers Conference: Upcoming PCIe 7.0 Specs for Release in 2025

Infortrend Optimized EonStor CS Scale-out NAS Solutions for M&E Applications, Up to 100PB

Raidon iR2822 Internal RAID Module in 2 CD-ROM Bay for 2x 3.5-Inch/2.5-Inch 6Gb SATA-3 HDDs


ITRI Collaboration With TSMC and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University on Development of Magnetic Memory Technology

iXsystems 2nd Release of TrueNAS Scale

ScaleOut Software In-Memory Database With Support for Redis Clients

N-able Adds Standby Image Feature in Cove Data Protection DRaaS Solution

Storage and Backup Security in Financial Services and Banking Sector

Nine Best External HDDs/SSDs for 2022 to Supercharge Your Storage

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus Destroyer 2 PCIe Gen4 x16 Up to 64TB RAID Card With Rocket 4 Plus 8TB M.2 SSD

History (1999): IBM in $8 Billion 7-Year Pact With Acer


R&D: FELIX: Ferroelectric FET Based Low Power Mixed-Signal In-Memory Architecture for DNN Acceleration

Car Manufacturer Chooses Infortrend and IO Datamovers

Storagean Assigned Patent

Document Storage Systems Assigned Patent

Automobilzulieferer ROFA Group setzt auf Nutanix German Flag

Top NewsWhy Choose NAS Over Tape for Your Data?

New Start-Up Object First, Purpose-Built for Veeam Customers to Ransomware-Proof Backups