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Seagate Wants to Kill Tape
[with our comments] | In partnership with Tape Ark in Australia to migrate tape-archived data to cloud

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$7 Million Investment Round for CloudEndure From Infosys and Magma
Total reaching $25.2 milion
$443 Million in Sales Expected for Pure Storage in Current Quarter
Suggests Y/Y growth rate of 31%.
2019 IT Trend Story by StorageCraft
Petabyte-size data management used to be challenge only large enterprises would face.
Backblaze Secures $18 Million IT Lease Facility From Data Sales Co
Requiring 700PB of storage
Kove IO Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Amazon Web Services
Challenges foundational aspects of AWS's cloud-based products and services, including how data is efficiently and scalably stored and retrieved.
History (1972): QIC Data Cartridge
Introduced by 3M
Molly Presley Director Product Marketing, Qumulo
After leaving Quantum | by Philippe Nicolas
Steve Milligan Board’s Director, Autodesk
Currently CEO of Western Digital
Zmanda and Spectra Logic in Partnership
To reinforce enterprise backup solutions
Datatrend Integrator and OEM of Cobalt Iron
To deliver secure, automated data protection everywhere
South Korean Cable TV K-Baduk Implemented Infortrend
For media archive
Barrister Digital Solutions Deploys ClearSky Data Hybrid Cloud Service
To protect and securely store sensitive client data
FujiFilm Assigned Six Patents
Magnetic tape device, head tracking servo, magnetic recording medium for microwave assisted recording, anufacturing hexagonal ferrite powder, hexagonal ferrite powder, and magnetic recording medium, binder for magnetic recording medium, composition for magnetic recording medium, magnetic tape
Harris Assigned Patent
Dynamic data storage
OriginStorage präsentiert den hardware verschlüsselten und optional zentral verwaltbaren USB-Stick SC100 German
64GB kostet 115€.

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