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2Q17 HDD Exabytes Rise to 159 Despite Lower Units Shipments of 96 Million – Trendfocus
Nearline HDD sales grow modestly to 10 million - upward trend expected to continue through 4CQ17

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Flash Memory Summit: Intel Inaugurates New Small SSD Form Factor, Ruler
Able to pack 1PB in 1U server rack in future
Flash Memory Summit: Toshiba Unveils Enterprise 2.5-Inch PM5 12Gb SAS and CM5 NVMe SSDs With 64 Layer TLC BiCS Flash
From 400GB to 30.72TB for PM5 12Gb SAS, and from 800GB to 15.36TB for CM5 NVMe SSDs models using 64 layer, 3-bit-per-cell enterprise TLC BiCS flash
Flash Memory Summit: E8-D24 and E8-X24 HA Shared NVMe Storage Solutions by E8 Storage
Agility and configurability solutions to enterprises who require scalable range of storage requirements
Flash Memory Summit: 1U All-Flash NVMe Storage System Supporting New Intel Ruler Form Factor SSDs by Supermicro
Petabyte scale storage with higher thermal efficiency
Flash Memory Summit: Intel-Based NVMe-oF System With WekaIO Matrix Storage Software
1PB in 1U, 3 million IO/s
Sphere 3D: Fiscal 2Q17 Financial Results
Revenue of tape and disk systems slowly declining
Flash Memory Summit: Configurable Embedded SSDs From ATP
64 to 1,024GB for overprovisioning models, 96 to 768GB for mid-density units
Flash Memory Summit: Toshiba Unveils NVMe Over Fabrics Software Technology for Cloud Data Centers
Demonstrated with Mellanox and Lenovo, NVMe-oF target provides performance of DAS, efficiency of networked storage and orchestration integration.
Flash Memory Summit: Expanded Portfolio of PCIe NVMe SSD Controller by Silicon Motion
For consumer and industrial/embedded applications, supporting latest 3D NAND from main flash makers
Flash Memory Summit: Flashtec NVM Express 2108 Eight-Channel Controllers From Microsemi
Extending flash controllers to mainstream segment
Flash Memory Summit: Phison PS8313 UFS 2.1 Controller
Brings to mobile performance CoXProcessor 2.0 technology from PCIe SSD.
Flash Memory Summit: Netlist Demos HybriDIMM Storage Class Memory
Concurrently running MongoDB in block storage mode and Redis In-memory database in persistent memory mode
Flash Memory Summit: Mellanox BlueField Storage Solutions Accelerating NVMe Over Fabrics
Chip to control and connect all-flash arrays and just-a-bunch-of-flash systems to IB and Ethernet storage fabrics, 200Gb/s throughput, 10 million IO/s in single SoC
Flash Memory Summit: PLDA Showcased vDMA IP Core
Many-channel DMA engine engineered for virtualized systems in data centers
Flash Memory Summit: Gen-Z Consortium Demonstrated First Multi-Vendor Technology for Memory-Centric Computing
Consortium now includes 40 companies.
Flash Memory Summit: Cnex Labs Supporting Toshiba BiCS Flash 3D Memory
Achieves 1.5 Million IO/s NVMe SSD performance featuring 3D TLC memory with TSV technology.
Raghu Rau Chairman, Quantum
Succeeding Paul Auvil who remains on board
DDN and Gatan Together to Drive Demanding Microscopy Workflows
For high-performance storage platform with cameras
Port of New Orleans Deployed Druva
To streamline data protection and security for critical data
Ctera Networks Assigned Patent
Reconciling metadata and data in cloud storage system without service interruption
Burlywood Assigned Patent
Storage emulation in storage controller

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