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Dell EMC Modernizing Converged Infrastructure for Cloud Era With Updates to VxBlock and Ready Stack

Continues to expand converged infrastructure to meet diverse needs, practices, and cultures of IT organizations.

OCP Global Summit: Toshiba Unveils 2.5-Inches XD5 Series NVMe Up to 3,8TB SSD With 64-Layer BiCS Flash TLC and PCIe Gen3x4 Interface

Up to 2,700 MB/s and 895MB/s sequential RW speeds, 250,000/21,000 IO/s random R/W performance

Everspin: Fiscal 4Q18 Financial Results

MRAM product revenue increasing 40% yearly in FY18, bad outlook for next quarter [with our comments]

University of Wisconsin-Madison Alum Masterminding Next Gen Storage: Solution to Datapocalypse?

The goal of demo is to store 125GB on less than 1 cubic cm of DNA. and does it for $7,000.

Next Gen Druva DR-as-a-Service Including One-Click Failover and Testing

And improving automation capabilities while reducing costs "by up to 60%"

316% Y/Y Customer Growth in Canada for Cohesity

Planning to add 100 employees within one year

R&D: High Field Enhancement Between Transducer and Resonant Antenna for Application in Bit Patterned HAMR

Proposed concept ensures uniform field distribution in gap that translates into uniform and higher temperature in recording media, highly desired in HAMR.

History (1980): DEC TU80

Manually-loaded 9-track tape drive

Floyd Christofferson CEO, StrongBox

Replacing founder David Cerf | by Philippe Nicolas

Asigra and Secret Double Octopus Partnering

To provide top-flight authentication for cloud-based backups susceptible to ransomware attacks

HYCU Distributed by Arrow Electronics

To drive broader adoption of HYCU Data Protection for Nutanix in Western Europe

Bryant University Deploys Actifio

To modernize backup and DR with assistance of OSHEAN and Navisite

University of Portland Athletics Department Opts for EditShare XStream EFS

For sports content production

Seagate Assigned Twenty Seven Patents

Adaptive cleaning of media surface responsive to mechanical disturbance event, write management of physically coupled storage areas, noise cancellation in multitransducer recording, storage system with pre-boot interface, adaptive read threshold voltage tracking with gap estimation between default read threshold voltages, write current switching in storage device using effective footprint of write pole, sensorless monitoring of laser power instability in HAMR head, write pole coating layer, modifies seeks to remediate inter-actuator coupling in storage drive, split actuator with multiple head stack assemblies bonded to bearing sleeves, scalable storage protection, near-field transducer having at least one secondary atom, near-field transducer having edges aligned with waveguide core, bond pad sharing in head slider using null point center tap, data reader with front shield coupling structure, forming near field transducers, etching source installable in storage medium processing tool, carrier for mounting bar of sliders or a stack of such bars to be lapped, advanced heater-assisted media burnishing head media burnish process, cache management in storage, compression sampling in tiered storage, syndrome update and maintenance, mitigation of error correction failure due to trapping sets, multi-level data block error detection code, SMR storage, write head offset for SMR, HDDs, horizontal cavity surface emitting laser integration features for HAMR

Model9 Software Assigned Patent

Mainframe computers backup and restore on object storage systems
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Igneous Secured $25 Million in Series-C Funding

NGD Systems: Availability of Newport Platform for Deployment of Computational Storage Devices

Datrium Forward Software Subscription Program Introduced Frictionless Portability of Enterprise Data Infrastructure Across Hybrid Clouds

Data Protection in Fourth Industrial Revolution

NVMe Market Sizing Report – G2M

Preview of Alluxio 2.0 to Simplify Data Access for Cloud Workloads

Google Offers Scalable Plan and Price Drop

DeepSpar Data Recovery Launches USB Stabilizer

Ionic Data Trust Services for Cloud Storage Supports Three Cloud Service Providers

RTrade Technologies: Temporal Cloud Suite for Decentralized and Blockchain-Based Applications

Hammerspace With Seamless Data Management for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Services

Marvell QLogic Leads FC HBA Market

Wasabi Opens Data Center in Amsterdam

Ten companies for 30th IT Press Tour in California

Troy Winslow VP of Global Sales, Everspin

History (1974): CDC 9877

Veritas Assigned Twelve Patents

Marvell Assigned Eight Patents

Top NewsHow Reliable Are SSDs? – Backblaze

HighPoint Technologies: RocketStor 6661A-mSAS3 8-Channel Thunderbolt 3 Hardware RAID

500% Quarterly Revenue Growth for Elastifile[with our comments]

Every year in USA 20 Million HDDs Retired From Data Centers

DRaaS Provider Comport Reviews Five DR Best Practices