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Quantum CEO Predictions for 2020

Autonomous vehicle development increasingly human-centric, increased adoption of HCI for video surveillance, video and images biggest data generator for enterprises, NVMe to erode SAS SSD array faster, tape market growing reversing decade-long declining

Predictions of Arcserve for 2020

Beware ongoing ransomware threat, minimizing IT downtime through CDP, hyperconverged to bring simplification and automation

2020 Storage Predictions by Object Matrix

Include Invisible storage.

2020 Predictions by Qumulo

NVMe file storage adopted broadly and communications protocol developed specifically for all-flash storage, scale-out file storage becoming preferred technology for on-prem unstructured active archives

Cloudera: Fiscal 3Q20 Financial Results

Revenue up 67% and net loss increasing 217% [with our comments]

Infortrend 4U 60-Bay Unified Storage System

Up to 910PB+ on SSDs/HDDs, 900/5,500MB/s R/W speeds, 900,000 IO/s, 8/16/32Gb FC, 10/25GbE, and 12Gb SAS host connectivity

Amazon Faces Widening US Antitrust Scrutiny in Cloud

And beyond retail operations

Floppy Disk Signed by Steve Jobs Currently Selling

For as much as $8,000!

Top 100 Online Backup Companies for December 2019 – Backup Review

Leaders as usual: Carbonite, Arcserve, Databarracks, Asigra

History (1990): 2.5, PrairieTek’s Golden Number

HDD maker born in 1985, closed in 1991 | by Jean Jacques Maleval

R&D: Secure Data Integrity in Cloud Storage With Multi-Level Hash Indexing Technique

Schemes uses AES and secure hash algorithm for encryption and to generate verification metadata respectively and using multi-level hash indexing technique to eliminate duplicate files, reduce storage consumption of file which is stored in cloud.

Tony Evans VP of Business Development and North America Sales, Overland-Tandberg

Coming from Jupiter Networks, Cisco, IBM and HPE

McAfee Assigned Patent

Remote provisioning and authenticated writes to secure storage devices

Ften Assigned Patent

Aggregating and managing data from disparate sources in consolidated storage
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Top NewsExclusive Interview With Fred Moore, President, Horison Information Strategies

Marvell: Fiscal 3Q20 Financial Results

50 years of Verbatim

IBM Enterprise Data Analytics With Cloudera

WekaIO Awarded First-Place Ranking on IO-500 Challenge Compared Storage Systems

Bacula: Enhanced Backup Module for Kubernetes Clusters

Netac Selects SATA YS9083XT SSD Controller From Yeestor Microelectronics

Weebit Nano ReRAM Test Results Show Improvements for Technology Manufacturing

Gelid Solutions: SubZero M.2 XL SSD Cooling Kit

S3 Application Gateway Software Solution by QStar

Cloud Daddy; Secure Backup V1.6 With Security and Infrastructure Management Platform

History (1990): End of HDD Maker Priam, Born in 1978

R&D: Revisiting Crystallization Model of Phase Change Memory With Ab Initio Simulations

Apacer Technology Assigned Patent

Dosilicon Assigned Patent

Top NewsWW NAND Flash Revenue Grows Quarterly 10% in 3Q19 to $11.9 Billion

20TB+ HDDs and Beyond for Toshiba

Druva Surpassing $100 Million in Annual Recurring Revenue

Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers for December 2019 – Backup Review

History (1990): Profit Technology Complete Purchase of Rodime Systems

R&D: Laser Current Studies in HAMR

Jedidiah Yueh CEO, Delphix

Vembu Teams in Partnership With Digital Devices

German Marketing Agency Serviceplan Chooses Veeam

Elastifile Assigned Patent