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Ranking of Branded SSD Module Makers for 2017 – DRAMeXchange
Top 3 positions for Kingston, Adata and Tigo

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Huawei Connect: Huawei Update Next-Gen Business-Critical Cloud Storage FusionStorage
Accelerating cloud transformation of critical business
IBM Technology Support Services Intends to Offer New Red Hat Storage One
With Lenovo hardware
Autonomous and ADAS Test Cars Produce 11TB/Day
According to Tuxera
Cnex Labs Accuses Huawei of Trying to Steal Semiconductor Technology
Lawsuits centered on solid-state disk storage technology found in thumb drives, smartphone or sleeker laptops
NAB NY: Facilis Technology Showcase Shared File System V7.1 Features and FastTracker 2.5
Additional features helping with administration of large and small environments, and FastTracker Adobe Panel interface putting asset tracking directly inside Adobe UI
Atto XstreamCORE FC 7600 32Gb FC to 12Gb SAS Hardware Controller
Enables up to 64 FC connected clients to remotely access and share up to 240 SAS/SATA SSD or HDD devices.
History (1949): Quarter-Inch Open Reel Tape
First commercial tape recorder: Ampex model 200
Lenovo and Scale Computing Collaborating
To solve edge infrastructure challenges for retailers
Datrium Eliminates Storage Management and Backup With DVX
Enterprise customers achieving "617% ROI and 5-month payback"
Peru’s Grupo La República Publicaciones Powers Multimedia Newsroom With Editshare
Acquiring XStream EFS scale-out shared storage and Flow media asset management
Nutanix Assigned Patent
Virtualized file server data sharing
Tenoware R&D Assigned Patent
Grid distributed cache
Exoscale ermöglicht S3-kompatiblen Object-Storage-Service German
In Österreich

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