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Storage Unicorn Report With 17 Companies

MinIO entering in club | by Philippe Nicolas

FMS Best of Show Award Winners

Leaders of flash memory and solid state storage technology innovation and industry expansion

FMS: Fibre Channel Industry Association Showcases FC and FC-NVMe Technology

Demonstrating high performance, self-optimizing and high availability architecture for business-critical applications

FMS: Chelsio to Demo 7th Gen T7 DPU Emulation Platform

Accelerates range of storage, networking, and security workloads supported by modern storage, enterprise, and cloud applications.

FMS: Mobiveil Showcased Portfolio of Silicon IP Platforms and Engineering Services for SSD Development

And expanded partnership with Avery Design Systems pairing design IP and Avery’s Verification IP for pre-verified and interoperable SSD design IP and VIP to help users accelerate NVMe-based SSD development.

FMS: YMTC Unveils X3-9070 TLC 3D NAND Flash Powered by Xtacking 3.0 Architecture

I/O speed up to 2,400MT/s, ONFI 5.0 compliant, and enabling 1Tb storage capacity in compact mono-die footprint

FMS: BittWare/Molex PCIe 5.0/CXL FPGA Accelerators Featuring Intel Agilex M-Series

And I-Series to drive memory and interconnectivity improvements while reducing risk 

FMS: Mobiveil and Avery Design Systems Partner to Accelerate Design and Verification of NVMe 2.0-Enabled SSD Development

Solution combines Mobiveil’s design IP for NVMe, DDR4 and LDPC IP with Avery’s verification IP for NVMe, DDR4 and ONFI and NVMe virtual platform solutions.

FMS: SK hynix Develops 238-Layer 512Gb TLC 4D NAND Flash 

Up to 2.4Gb/s transfer speed, 50% increase from previous gen, and volume of energy consumed for data reading decreasing by 21%

FMS: ScaleFlux Shipping Next-Gen 3000-Series SSDs to First Customers

Includes CSD 3000 series NVMe Computational storage drives, NSD 3000 series NVMe SSDs, and SFX 3000 storage processing SoC

FMS: Samsung Array of Next-Gen Memory and Storage Technologies

Petabyte storage, memory-semantic SSD, telemetry enabling more reliable data center management, UFS 4.0 mobile storage, PM1743 PCIe 5.0 SSD, and PM1653 24Gb SAS SSD

FMS: Silicon Motion Exhibits SSD Controller Solutions for Datacenter, Notebooks and Automotive/Industrial SSDs

PCIe Gen4 client SSD and portable SSD controllers for notebooks, and single-chip SSD and SSD controller solutions for automotive/industrial applications

FMS: Pliops Showcases With SSD Partners Extreme Data Processor to Break Through Data Scalability

Up to 12x higher performance than HW RAID-5, up to 23x higher performance during rebuilds than HW RAID-5, up to 6x more usable capacity for lower cost per terabyte, and up to 7x longer SSD lifespan to use QLC SSDs

FMS: Marvell Showcases With Partners Cloud-Optimized Storage and Memory Technologies

Showing industry collaborations that drive flash storage and FC connectivity solutions

FMS: Memblaze Demos Mango Next-Gen SSD Solution Based on Marvell Bravera SC5 PCIe 5.0 NVMe Controller

Shows twice performance than previous PCIe 4.0 products, supports NVMe 2.0 and advanced enterprise specs, and provides 2.5-inch U.2 and E3.S form factors.

FMS: StorPool Storage Unveils New Software Features and Join Experts for 4 Separate Presentations

Including maintenance of each storage system on AWS, support for NVMe/TCP and support for NFS file storage

FMS: Kioxia Launches 2nd Gen of XL-FLASH SCM Solution Based on BiCS FLASH 3D

Achieves reduction in bit cost as result of addition of MLC functionality with 2-bit/cell, in addition to SLC of existing model.

FMS: SANBlaze NVMe over PCIe 5.0 Validation and Compliance Testing Systems for Markets Comprised of Data Center Storage and Large Cloud Vendors

Including SBExpress-RM5 rackmount appliance, SBExpress-DT5 desktop appliance, and benchmark SBExpress certified by SANBlaze software

FMS: Kioxia Sample PCIe NVMe Technology-Based Flash Hardware for Linux Foundation’s Software-Enabled Flash Community Project

Open-source software project enables software developers to maximize use of flash media with software-defined technology and sample hardware based on PCIe and NVMe technology.

FMS: MaxLinear Panther III 200G DPU Storage Accelerator

In OCP 3.0 and PCIe formats, delivers low latency, 200Gb/s throughput, 12:1 data reduction, and security acceleration for enterprise and hyperscale data centers.

FMS: Symbiosys Alliance Interconnect Technology Providers to Debut Tech Sector Alliance

Includes 8 technology companies: Ellisys, SerialTek, SANBlaze, Quarch Technology, Unigraf, Serial Cables, Marquee Semiconductor, and Signature IP

FMS: SerialTek Panda iTAP Protocol Analyzer for Broadcom PEA Technology

System provides critical on-chip visibility into Broadcom's PCIe 5.0 ExpressFabric platform.

History (1999): Iomega Dumps Nomaï

All's unwell that ends unwell. | by Jean Jacques Maleval

R&D: Discharge-Path-Based Sensing Circuit With OTS Snapback Current Protection for Phase Change Memories

Proposed sensing circuit is first snapback protection circuit reported to public domain.

Showa Denko Assigned Patent

Storage apparatus

Shanghai Acoustics Laboratory/Chinese Academy of Sciences Assigned Patent

FPGA-based intelligent storage control system and application