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OSNexus QuantaStor Platform Integrates With Resilio to Deliver Real-Time HA Multi-Site File Synchronization

Delivering HA Resilio-integrated storage for synchronizing NAS across clusters in real-time

OSNexus Corp. announced that its QuantaStor platform integrates with Resilio, bringing the company’s peer-to-peer N-way sync platform to customers.

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With Resilio, QuantaStor users can synchronize NAS storage across clusters globally in real-time. This combination enables a myriad of collaboration workflows, especially in industries like M&E, where sharing large files and remote work is common.

The company has partnered with Resilio to help organizations replicate file storage between systems in real-time with bi-directional synchronization policies using Resilio Connect. This enables teams to collaborate across sites globally.

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In the M&E industry, artists and editors need an easy way to collaborate across the globe with NAS storage that’s fast, reliable and highly-available,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO, OSNexus. “QuantaStor’s new integration with Resilio provides all of that plus multi-tenancy, making it easy to secure and share files via Resilio to specific tenants while following the principle of least privilege.”

QuantaStor brings HA and broader security to Resilio by containerizing the firm’s agent to run within each QuantaStor system. With QuantaStor+Resilio, IT organizations are able to configure N-way file synchronization across sites and clusters as well as file distribution and consolidation policies to cover a range of workloads.

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When the OSNexus team suggested using a containerization approach to run Resilio agents, we knew it would provide significant flexibility and scalability for their customers,” said Eric Klinker, CEO, Resilio. “With new hybrid work models taking hold, teams need access to files without delay, and companies need to keep everything in sync across their storage ecosystem – regardless of file size and varying bandwidth. QuantaStor and Resilio together are a seamless solution for media, entertainment, post-production, and gaming companies.

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