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OSNexus QuantaStor V.5.10 With Support for Red Hat 8, Supermicro X12 Systems, and Xeon 3rd Gen Scalable Processors

Contains expanded hardware compatibility list and enhancements to scale-up and scale-out cluster technologies.

OSNexus Corp. announced QuantaStor 5.10 with added support for Red Hat 8, Supermicro X12 based systems, and Xeon 3rd Gen (Ice Lake) scalable processors.

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Osnexus Gettingstarted

We’re pleased to announce this latest release of QuantaStor with an expanded HCL to enable our customers and partners to deploy QuantaStor on systems with the latest gen of Intel processors,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO. “The new Ice Lake processors from Intel provide a much needed increase in CPU core count that’s ideal for our all-flash and scale-out storage clusters.

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Osnexus Cephcluster

Product highlights:

  • Supermicro X12 system support – The company is certified for use with the latest Super Micro Computer, Inc. servers based on 3rd gen Ice Lake Scalable Xeon processors.

  • Red Hat 8 support – The firm can be installed on RHEL 8.4 servers to help organizations standardizing on RHEL for their compute infrastructure to use QuantaStor for both scale-up and scale-out configurations.

  • Smart cluster network interfaces for scale-out clusters (Ceph based) – The company’s cluster VIF management system makes load balancing scale-out storage clusters within a ‘Storage Grid easy’. The firm ensures VIFs are both highly-available and activated on the scale-out cluster nodes delivering protocol services for the selected use case (file, block, or object protocols) so user access is never interrupted.

  • Automatic DR site failover – Activation of a DR site can be automated via the Remote Replication Schedule settings, simplifying DR in the event of an outage at a primary site.

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