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OSNexus QuantaStor V.5.11 Software With KMIP Integration and Support for SED Media

Enables IT organizations to centralize management of both software and hardware encryption keys for encryption of data-at-rest.

OSNexus Corp. announced QuantaStor 5.11 with 2 security enhancements: KMIP integration and support for SED media.

Adding KMIP servers to a QuantaStor storage grid is done by adding a Key Server Profile.
Multiple KMIP servers may be added and may be used by both scale-up and scale-out storage pools.
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Quantastor 5 Kmip


We’re seeing a roughly 30% boost in storage performance by leveraging the hardware encryption capabilities of all-flash SED media,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO. “This latest release supports Opal/Ruby compliant SSD media and also introduces the ability to manage the security keys for both hardware and software encryption via KMIP servers. With these additions as ,l as a wide array of other security features, OSNexus is committed to providing the most secure SDS platform on the market.

Osnexus Quantastor 5.11 Scheme

Release highlights:

  • KMIP integration – QuantaStor integrates with key management servers that support the KMIP protocol. This enables IT organizations to centralize the management of both software and hardware encryption keys for the encryption of data-at-rest.

  • SED support – QuantaStor integrates with Opal and Ruby compliant SED/FDE technoogy to enable secure, high-performance storage clusters. SED drive management support is also integrated with KMIP integration system.

QuantaStor 5.11 will be available in mid-November.

KMIP and Self-Encrypting Drive Support in QuantaStor 5.11

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