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OSNexus QuantaStor 5 Integrated With Supermicro NVMe Storage Bridge Bay Systems

SBB NVMe 'cluster-in-a-box' storage servers to deliver performing SAN/NAS solutions

OSNexus Corp. integrates and certifies of Super Micro Computer, Inc.‘s NVMe storage bridge bay clustered servers for use with QuantaStor 5.

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Osnexus Quantastor 5+grid+dashboard

Together with the company’s QuantaStor platform, this Supermicro solution delivers robust, fast, and scalable NAS/SAN solutions that meet the needs of a range of performance applications including desktop and server virtualization.

Osnexus Supermicro Quantastor Grid

Enhanced HA technology designed for the Supermicro ‘Storage Bridge Bay server’ architecture enables QuantaStor to deliver performance all-flash NAS (NFS/SMB) and SAN (iSCSI/FC/NVMeoF) storage in a compact all-in-one enclosure.

NVMe SSD technology is rapidly displacing traditional SAS SSDs in the datacenter due to its higher throughput and lower latency,” said Steven Umbehocker, CEO, OSNexus. “Supermicro’s pioneering and innovative storage cluster solution built around dual-ported NVMe is a fast and cost-effective way for organizations to move beyond SAS SSD technology.

QuantaStor grid technology makes it to manage multiple storage clusters across sites and replicate data between clusters with ease. With support for the full line of Supermicro SBB systems, QuantaStor enables IT organizations to design cost-effective asymmetrical DR solutions that are all-flash for the primary site and hybrid at the DR site.

The company has certified the NVMe Storage Bridge Bay solutions from Supermicro for use with dual-ported NVMe media from Western Digital, Kioxia, and Micron.

OSNexus QuantaStor solutions with Supermicro systems

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