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Storj Labs Partners with Atempo

To reduce cost and enhance security, performance for cloud archiving for M&E

Storj Labs, Inc. announced its partnership with Atempo SAS.

Storj Atempo

The integration with Atempo Miria will help M&E organizations capture, store, distribute, and protect video files from anywhere in the world at a lower cost, without sacrificing security or performance.

The need for video file storage has increased as media organizations continue to generate vast libraries of digital assets. But storage capacity is only part of the equation-video creators need solutions that are quick and efficient to facilitate file sharing remotely and increase overall productivity. Together, Miria Archiving module and Storj’s decentralized approach to cloud storage achieve this by providing a solution that preserves media assets at scale for a long period of time.

Video sharing and storage that is fast, secure and low cost
We’ve accomplished faster, more secure and more cost-effective cloud storage by using globally distributed nodes as opposed to centralized data centers, which are subject to cyber-attacks and price lock-in,” said Storj CEO Ben Golub. “With Atempo, we’re bringing these advantages to the M&E industry at a fraction of the cost of legacy cloud storage solutions, so that production teams can quickly access, share, archive, and collaborate, no matter where they are.

Storj and Atempo’s joint solution address needs of M&E industry:

  • Encrypted storage: With Storj, every file and its metadata is encrypted before it is split up into 80 pieces using erasure coding. Each piece is stored on one of 16,000 nodes operating around the world, which enables downloading large files to be geographically optimized.
  • Fast uploads and downloads: Miria empowers end users with secure and data movement for quick accessibility. It can be configured with dedicated data movers that keep editor’s workstations and central file servers out of the data path so users are not slowed down, even as capacities climb past the petabyte level.
  • Global accessibility: It provides search and retrieval capabilities-from a drag-and-drop GUI to archive files and metadata search.
  • Optimized collaboration: It makes it simple to share a cloud archive between users of multiple remote sites allowing all users to use the more current media assets.

Improve production workflow
Storing and securely retrieving large video files or unedited footage from a film or TV show is critical to a team’s workflow,” said Louis Laszlo, VP of product management, Atempo. “The distributed cloud storage model that Storj uses, combined with Miria archive solution, enables teams to access, manage, protect, and even share massive volumes of data, so that media professionals remain creative and productive even when working remotely.

The 2 partners will be at the 2022 NAB Show October 17-20 in NYC.

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