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Storj Labs in Partnership With Gabb Wireless

To provide safe mobile tech for kids with backup and restore services

Storj Labs, Inc. announced a partnership with Gabb Wireless, Inc., providing safe mobile tech for kids, to enable mobile backups for Gabb Wireless users.

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The partnership will provide Gabb Wireless customers backups of their mobile data to Gabb Cloud. Customers will get automatic protection for kids’ photos, videos, contacts, and settings stored on Gabb phones. This service ensures that all their data can be backed up and restored when replacing or upgrading their Gabb Phone.

Data privacy and identity protection for kids is paramount for parents. While many centralized clouds mine customer data for advertising, The company is architected to protect vs. data snooping and ransomware. When data is uploaded to the Storj network, it is encrypted, encoded for redundancy, and stored across a network of nodes worldwide. All data is encrypted at rest with unique keys. There is no single point of failure and no central trove of sensitive data for would-be hackers or advertisers to mine. This makes the system difficult for both traditional and ransomware attackers to compromise. Storj, powering Gabb Cloud, helps keep kids’ data, photos, and contacts private.

Protecting kids with safe technology in a digital world is critical. Storj and Gabb Wireless share a common value and mission – to give customers better control of their data, while keeping it private and secure,” said Ben Golub, CEO, Storj. “With Gabb Cloud, powered by Storj, Gabb parents can be assured that their kids’ data is seamlessly and automatically safe, encrypted, backed up and secure.”

Providing safe technology solutions for children also means protecting their data,” said Nate Randle, CEO, Gabb Wireless. “Gabb Cloud will give both kids and parents alike peace of mind, no matter what might happen to their device.”