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Vast Data Partners With Atempo

For large-scale data management

Vast Data Ltd announces the qualification of its Universal Storage solution with Atempo’s Miria data management platform.

Vast Data Partners With Atempo

By qualifying its Universal Storage platform with Miria, Atempo’s Data Management platform, Vast Data allows its customers to move their data to and from any file storage, as well as to tape or the cloud.

It allows customers to transfer data sets and files between sites and storage environments to manage the entire data lifecycle. Universal Storage solution and Miria offer customers the protection, relocation and management of all file volumes with unlimited scalability.

Vast Data can also be used as a backup target for data protection with Atempo. It combines low-cost hyperscale flash, next-gen data reduction, and efficient erasure code to eliminate the economic case for backup-to-disk (PBBA) appliances and enable customers to affordably deploy an all-flash backup target.

Our collaboration allows us to meet the growing needs of companies to be able to quickly and efficiently move very large data sets on any type of storage medium,” said Bertrand Ounanian, senior sales engineer, Vast Data. “Around the world, including in France, many major players in the banking and research sector continue to use this type of support for archiving and we had to come up with a solution. The Miria solution provides our customers with other benefits, whether for backup, recovery or data transfer to and from the cloud.

Very proud to announce this technological partnership today, the combination of our 2 solutions will allow our joint partners as well as our HPC customers in particular to enjoy the best of technology for their most demanding architectures; from migration to archiving: a real promise of quality, performance, flexibility and scalability,” said Louis Frédéric Laszlo, director of product management, Atempo.

Miria’s agnostic design makes it the most convenient approach to managing exabytes of unstructured data, regardless of its source, for Vast Data. Indeed, Miria is for all use cases where the movement of very large amounts of unstructured data is essential.

Here is in detail what this new collaboration makes possible:

  • Migration: Miria uses highly parallelized processes for optimal performance. Scalable, it makes it possible to secure the migration of billions of files.
  • Archiving: Fully automated or end-user-directed archiving of colder data to any storage (cloud, disk, object, tape…) is also supported for Vast Data users. Miria makes archiving workflows as simple as drag and drop. The solution indexes information based on metadata and provides enhanced archive search capability over the long term. Whether users need to view or restore archived files, finding and retrieving that data is quick and easy.
  • Analytics: Miria provides rich dashboards to give users a simple, clear and relevant view of the usage and capacity of files stored on their Vast Data solution.

More information on qualifying Vast Universal Data Storage with Atempo Miria.

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