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Mike Wall CEO, ionir

Was CEO of Amplidata and Atempo.

Wall IonirKubernetes data services provider ionir Ltd., announced Mike Wall as its new CEO.



The move comes as the company experiences growth in North America and globally, accelerated by the launch of its CI/CD pipeline acceleration solution.

Wall, who has experience leading both public and emerging growth companies, served as ionir’s chairman for several years and now moves to a full-time operating role. Previously, he was chairman and CEO of Amplidata, an object storage software company, and led its sale to Western Digital. He also served as CEO of Atempo and as GM of Intel’s Storage Division.

Enterprise adoption of Kubernetes, now the de facto OS of the cloud, is exploding at a combined CAGR of 63%, according to industry analysts. Over 100 million container hosts are predicted by 2023, with more than 80% of global organizations running containerized applications in production, up from less than 20% in 2019.

The lack of a de facto cloud-native data services layer within Kubernetes, coupled with the inability to overcome data gravity, threatens to slow or stall global Kubernetes production rollouts. Monolithic legacy approaches – including first-gen container storage technologies – fail to meet the extensibility and scalability requirements of today’s orchestrated and automated Kubernetes environment. Like security and databases, where disruptive innovators are redefining cloud architectures, data services must also be reinvented for the containerized cloud.

ionir was built from the ground up on a microservices-based Kubernetes platform, and is positioned to serve the growing need for data persistence, agility, and protection. ionir’s patented metadata model frees Kubernetes data from data gravity, enabling instant data mobility over both distance and time.

Jacob Cherian, who steered ionir through development and launch of the company’s transformational technology, continues to drive product strategy and development in the newly created position of chief product officer.

Wall said: “Kubernetes and containerization together redefine cloud and IT infrastructure, freeing applications to run anywhere. However, the data gravity challenge must be overcome to ensure true application agility. ionir is the only technology that addresses the data challenges of running Kubernetes at scale. This level of system-wide disruption creates gigantic market opportunity.”

Fiona Darmon, general partner, Jerusalem Venture Partners, said: “We are thrilled to deepen our partnership with Mike as the company rapidly expands in North America, where burgeoning demand for Kubernetes data services is attracting customers and strategic partners alike. Mike brings a unique combination of deep industry experience and proven leadership skills that will set ionir apart in driving the market forward.”

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