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Mike Wall Board’s Director, Amplidata

He is the new CEO of Atempo.

Amplidata, in object-based storage technology, announced that Michael V. Wall, president and CEO of Atempo, Inc. was elected to Amplidata’s board of directors.

mike_wall_amplidata  Wall was a founding member of the management team that developed Intel Corporation’s storage division and has over 30 years of industry leadership experience, including 13 years specifically in storage.
"For many years Michael has shown his ability to lead in the storage market, from his work as a general manager at Cray to leading Atempo, and his unique experiences in the field will prove to be a valuable asset as a member of Amplidata’s board of directors," said Wim De Wispelaere, co-founder and CEO of Amplidata. "He will become our fifth board member and his insight will prove valuable and provide a new dimension to our discussions as the company focuses on the future."
Wall joins industry veterans Kristof De Splegeleer, serial entrepreneur and chairman & founder of Amplidata, Dominique Pitteloud, partner at Endeavour Vision and Frank Maene, managing partner at Big Bang Ventures, as well as Wim De Wispelaere, CEO of Amplidata on the board of directors to assist in providing guidance and direction to the company.
"Amplidata is clearly one of the most innovative companies currently in the realm of storage related technologies. The company holds several key technologies that will become pervasive throughout the storage industry in the foreseeable future," said Michael Wall, president and CEO of Atempo, Inc. "I feel privileged to be joining such a forward-thinking, exciting and dynamic team to provide my expertise to help guide the future of big data storage solutions over the coming years."
At Atempo, Wall held a position on the board of directors for three years and as CEO is directly responsible for providing strategic insight and guidance to drive the company’s expansion in the market. Prior to joining Atempo, he served as the CEO of DICOM Grid, one of the FASTech 50’s most innovative technology start-ups. Before joining DICOM Grid, he was one of the founding members of the management team that developed Intel‘s highly successful storage business. He also held a position at Cray Research as the general manager responsible for operations in North America.
He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics of the State University of New York at Stony Brook as well as a Masters of Management Sciences from Averill Harriman College for Urban and Policy Sciences, at SUNY Stony Brook.