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Momentum in 2023 at Backup Everything

UK cloud backup services being used in 30 countries from 6 continents

Backup Everything Ltd announces that after a successful 2023, its cloud backup services are used by MSP’s, partners, VAR’s and distributors in 6 continents across multiple countries.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Europe: UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta
  • Asia: India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • Africa: Luanda, Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Libya, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kenya and Nigeria
  • Americas: Canada, USA, West India, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia
  • Australia and New Zealand

 Saaher Muzafer, CEO, says: “Most, non-western markets have the next stage of unprecedented growth for cloud backup, so to align with trusted providers with local knowledge in these regions makes perfect sense for us as a business as we continue to expand into new and existing territories.

The growth has coincided with the launch of Device Protect365 midway in 2023, which is the first licence free model and cloud backup solution for backing up Servers, Endpoints, Databases, VMs and more to the cloud as well as locally.

Customers have the choice of where to store the data – currently in UK, USA, Canada, EU, Singapore and Australia. They also can decide what to backup, how often to backup and how long to store the data for.

Local backups can also be to a NAS or any network path which is totally free at no cost. Customers only pay for storage after compression and de-dupe and there are no other charges. 

Saaher continues: “In business sometimes you need to Pivot and go vs. the trend of normality to be innovative and have a compelling offering for customers. Our new solution is truly the start of affordable cloud backup to all markets where in the past it is has been price constrained. Customers can backup 1,000’s of machines, but they will only pay for data stored. It is a game changer for the industry and with the pipeline that is there, the growth we hope will just accelerate further.”  

The industry is flooded with vendors offering knock down prices for contract tie ins. At Backup Everything, prices have reduced by 50% and no contract commitment since Device Protect365 went live therefore allowing the channel attractive margins to be able to sell value-add services to customers long term.  

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