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Backup Everything in UK Reports Growth

In protection of Microsoft 365 with 4,000 users storing 100TB+ worth of data in past 12 months

In the past 12 months, Backup Everything Ltd has taken on just under 4,000 users storing 100TB+ worth of data across Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams in the protection of Microsoft 365.

The simple per user pricing only which includes storage for all Microsoft 365 components is seemingly an attractive proposition for any customer.

The uptake of Microsoft 365 has risen exponentially over the years however in the same period, the need for backup is not only advised by Microsoft themselves in their SLA but the strong shift towards cloud to cloud service adoption in general means these services still need to be protected.

Saaher Muzafer, CEO, says: “It is commonly assumed that just because data is stored with Microsoft and other providers all will be fine, however having the service and backing it up must go hand in hand. We are really pleased that thousands of users have trusted us to protect their Microsoft 365 data plus other C2C services such as Google Workspace, Dropbox and more.”

Backing up Microsoft 365 crucial for several reasons: 

  • Protection data loss: Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based platform, which means that your data is stored on Microsoft’s servers. While Microsoft takes measures to ensure that your data is safe, accidents can happen, such as accidental deletion, data corruption, or cyberattacks. Backing up your data provides an additional layer of protection vs. data loss.
  • Compliance: Many organizations are subject to regulations that require them to retain data for a certain period of time. Backing up your Microsoft 365 data can help you comply with these regulations.
  • Cost-effective recovery: Microsoft 365 provides some basic recovery features, but they may not be sufficient for more complex recovery scenarios. Backing up your data enables you to restore your data, reducing downtime and potential loss of productivity.
  • Retention policies: Microsoft 365 retention policies only apply to certain types of data, and they have limitations. Backing up your data enables you to retain data for as long as you need it, even if it is no longer available in Microsoft 365.

Data Breaches
Since 2020, Microsoft have had 7 data breaches, this has resulted in millions of user records being exposed and many companies being affected. These occurred as a result of – a misconfigured Microsoft endpoint, Bing/Cortana being compromised, misconfigured Microsoft Power Apps portal settings, customer databases and accounts housed on Azure being accessed, LinkedIn data was posted for sale, hacking attempts targeting Exchange Servers and finally vulnerabilities associated with SolarWinds.

Saaher continues: “The need for on-premise backups will always be there, but the add-on of having C2C services will rise even more in the coming years and especially protection of Microsoft 365. We are seeing more and more customers understand that these services need backup also and as the pricing is cost effective it makes sense to get them protected.”

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