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2023-2024 SNIA Board of Directors and Technical Council

Dr. J Metz, AMD, confirmed as chair of board

SNIA announces its 2023-2024 board of directors and technical council members.

The organization has over 200 industry-leading organizations, 2,500+ active members, and more than 50,000 IT end users and IT professionals around the world.

The continued evolution of the board and technical council with new members is a testament to the impact that SNIA has on the industry,” said Dr. J Metz, chair, SNIA board of directors. “SNIA’s mission and vision have evolved to where data is now front and center. Our board and technical council, comprised of experts on data, position us to lead the industry for technologies related to handling and optimizing data.

Board of Directors

Executive committee:
MetzChair: Dr. J Metz, AMD



Vice chair: Richelle Ahlvers, Intel Corporation
Secretary: Chris Lionetti, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Treasurer: Sue Amarin, industry consultant
Member: Scott Shadley, Solidigm Technology
Chair emeritus: Wayne Adams, industry consultant

Board members:
• Peter Corbett, Dell Technologies
• John Geldman, Kioxia America  
• Roger Hathorn, IBM
• Jonathan Hinkle, Micron Technology
• Dave Landsman, Western Digital
• David McIntyre, Samsung Corporation
• George Pamboris, NetApp

Technical Council
Co-chair: Bill Martin, Samsung Corporation
Co-chair: Jason Molgaard, Solidigm Technology

Technical Council Members:
• Curtis Ballard, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
• Anthony Constantine, Intel Corporation
• Dan Hubbard, Micron Technology
• Shyam Iyer, Dell Technologies
• Fred Knight, Kioxia America
• David Peterson, Broadcom
• Leah Schoeb, AMD

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