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UbiStor Partnering with Druva

To expand managed services portfolio

UbiStor, Inc. has announced its security, backup, and disaster recovery partnership with Druva, Inc., the newest technology provider to join its portfolio of managed services.

UbiStor’s team of experts has spent over 2 decades in the industry, specializing in backup and disaster recovery as-a-service. As data and security threats have become more complex, UbiStor has continued to protect customers by partnering with providers whose services are able to be part of a specialized strategy, individualized to each customer’s environment and acting as a main point of contact during routine testing or in the event of disaster. It has built an AWS powered DR solution to support new and existing Druva customers. This partnership will expand its capabilities by providing hybrid protection for multi-cloud and on-premises locations as well as enhancing cyber security and recovery inbuilt within the solution.

“The worlds of security, backup and disaster recovery are changing daily, and we quickly learned that we needed to further empower our customers to stay ahead. Having a strategy in place is no longer a nice-to-have but is a necessity in running any kind of business. To address our customers’ growing needs, ushering in Druva as a partner was a no brainer. As a global, multiple location cloud service, Druva’s partnership with UbiStor further expands our portfolio of solutions,” says Dan Hill, CEO and co-founder, UbiStor.

Druva and Ubistor have a strong partnership with AWS to provide managed services for companies looking for secure and ransomware-resilient data protection and disaster recovery solutions. Their collaboration brings together Druva’s cloud-native platform, Ubistor’s expertise in secure cloud backup and storage, and AWS’s powerful infrastructure to offer comprehensive and reliable services to their clients,” adds Mike Houghton, SVP, global partners and alliances, Druva.

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