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UbiStor in Partnership With Scale Computing

To build Infrastructure as-a-service solution with cyber protection

UbiStor, Inc., a Chicagoland-based MSP, has announced its infrastructure partnership with Scale Computing, Inc.

Scale Computing would be the newest provider to join UbiStor’s arsenal of managed backup and DR solutions.

Founded in 2001, UbiStor’s team of engineers has spent over 2 decades in the industry, specializing in backup and DR as-a-service. As data and threats to that data have become more complex, there has been an increasing need for expert MSPs familiar with integrating a variety of solutions depending on their customer’s environment, acting as a main point of contact during routine testing or in the event of disaster. UbiStor specializes in creating backup and DR roadmaps for customers with the ability to scale as they grow and weave new solutions into their evolving environment – all backed by their team of expert engineers on an ongoing basis.

In 2021, UbiStor’s Managed SafeStor solution powered by Acronis became one of their most-utilized services, but there was a clear desire from customers for an on-premises appliance with continuity across both platforms. The integration of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Scale Computing’s Business Resilience System (BRS) appliance gives UbiStor’s customers the agility of a hybrid cloud data protection service with the flexibility of instant local virtualization and recovery using the BRS hardware platform, completely changing how UbiStor brings Acronis services to the market.

The addition of Scale Computing to our backup and DR-as-a-service offerings enhances our ability to help customers meet their local restore and recoverability requirements, while still being able to leverage the advanced capabilities of the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud,” said Dan Hill, CEO, UbiStor.

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