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Peer Software and Wasabi Partner

To provide simplified enterprise data availability and resilience

Peer Software, Inc. is collaborating with Wasabi Technologies, Inc. to provide a combination of built-in failover/failback and DR protection that reduces or eliminates snapshot or backup window limitations to keep critical data current and accessible on Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Peer Software And Wasabi Technologies Partner

Today’s enterprise requires a holistic approach to data infrastructure that matches unique operational requirements,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO, Peer Software. “This is especially challenging with the growing cost of storage systems while pushing capabilities in support of applications that are increasingly distributed. In addition to optimising system performance, assuring uptime is imperative for mission-critical applications like VDI where interruptions to sessions and data access can impact brand reputation, profitability, time to market, and customer service. By partnering with Wasabi, we are offering a solution to these challenges.

With this integration, customers can replicate file data that is stored on-premises or in a multi-cloud system, to Wasabi object storage, in real-time, without expensive hardware or the need to implement a proprietary file system. Through Peer Software, data in Wasabi is stored in an open format that is immediately accessible. With all these features, the 2 partners also offer a predictable cost structure for data management budgeting.

Wasabi is committed to meeting the worlds growing storage requirements by providing predictable and affordable, hot cloud storage that our strategic partners can integrate with their own solutions to deliver a simple, secure, high-performance solution to the market,” said David Boland, VP of cloud strategy, Wasabi. “The joint Peer Software and Wasabi solution is a great example of offering simple accessibility of application data across the enterprise as we empower customers to protect their data while keeping it current and in an open format for easy accessibility.

Peer Software enables enterprise availability and resilience from edge to data centre to cloud. Its flagship solution, PeerGFS, enables enterprises to create a modern distributed file system that integrates existing storage platforms across multi-site, on-premises and cloud storage. Using an Active-Active data services fabric, it facilitates faster file access performance with local access to data, HA and redundancy of data across synchronised storage systems, and CDP while protecting vs. ransomware and minimising RTO and RPO in disaster scenarios.

More about the joint solution: Simplified Enterprise Data Availability & Resilience with Peer Global File Service & Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

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