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Calamu Partners with Wasabi

To deliver secure cloud storage vaults

Calamu Technologies Corporation, in data-first security and cyber-storage, announced a partnership with Wasabi Technologies, Inc.

Wasabi Calamu

Together the companies provide enterprise organizations with secure and affordable storage vaults by combining Calamu Protect and Wasabi cloud storage.

Many organizations are turning to public cloud to keep up with growing data volumes and to power business-critical enterprise applications. A key component is data security, requiring IT organizations to integrate a multi-layered approach to protect data from ransomware and other cybersecurity threats.

Together the companies provide enterprise organizations with secure and affordable storage.

Wasabi hot cloud storage offers storage with object level immutability that ensures data cannot be altered in any way. Priced less than large hyperscale providers or on-premises storage options, customers benefit from predictable pricing with no fees for egress or API requests. Calamu Protect turns Wasabi-powered storage into a secure cyberstorage vault, adding patented data processing and security features.

The combination of Calamu and Wasabi offers a highly secure cloud storage solution, one that prevents data from being stolen or leaked while simultaneously boosting reliability and durability of stored data,” said Jeff Weinstein, president and COO, Calamu. “Together, the integrated solution enables enterprises to store data in the cloud without risk that it can be lost, stolen, maliciously encrypted, or held for ransom.” 

Complementing existing IT security frameworks, Calamu Protect bridges the gap between perimeter defenses and reactionary recovery solutions. The technology will automatically detect suspicious anomalies and self-heal the environment, ensuring sensitive data stays out of enemy hands and remains available for business operations. 

“Organizations are increasingly relying on the cloud to drive business-critical operations, underpinned by affordable and secure storage,” said David Boland, VP of cloud strategy, Wasabi. “Integrating Calamu Protect with Wasabi hot cloud storage provides an advanced layer of data and information security while mitigating the risk of internal and external threats.

Calamu Protect with Wasabi is available.

Read the solution brief.

About Calamu
It was founded by experts in cybersecurity and data privacy with the mission of making the cyber world a safer place. It is pioneering the use of data-first technology to automatically mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack or data breach, whether data is stored in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment. Its platform enables businesses to maintain complete ownership of their data, preventing unauthorized access and dramatically simplifying regulatory requirements around data privacy and protection.

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