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Alliance Between Peer Software and Pulsar Security

Focused on accelerating cyber resilience in global file service and developing capabilities to monitor and act on malicious events

Peer Software, Inc. announced the formation of a strategic alliance with Pulsar Security.

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Through the alliance, it will leverage Pulsar Security’s team of cyber security experts to continuously monitor and analyse emerging and evolving ransomware and malware attack patterns on unstructured data.

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PeerGFS, an enterprise software solution that eases the deployment of a modern distributed file system across multi-site, on-premises and cloud storage, will utilise these attack patterns to enable an additional layer of cyber security detection and response. These capabilities will enhance the Malicious Event Detection (MED) feature incorporated in PeerGFS.

Each ransomware and malware attack is encoded to infiltrate and propagate through a storage system in a unique manner that gives it a digital fingerprint,” said Duane Laflotte, CTO, Pulsar Security. “By understanding the unique behaviour patterns of ransomware and malware attacks and matching these against the real-time file event streams that PeerGFS collects across the distributed file system, Peer can now empower its customers with an additional layer of fast and efficient cyber security monitoring. We are excited to be working with Peer Software on this unique capability.

As part of the agreement, Pulsar Security will also work with Peer Software to educate and inform enterprise customers on emerging trends in cyber security, and how to harden their systems against attacks through additional services like penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, dark web assessments, phishing simulations, red teaming, and wireless intrusion prevention.

Ransomware attacks have become so common that almost every storage infrastructure architecture plan now also requires a cyber security discussion,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO, Peer Software. “But whereas other storage-based ransomware protection strategies have focused mainly on the recovery from an attack, Peer Software’s goal in working with Pulsar Security is to prioritise the early detection of an attack and limiting the spread in order to minimize damage, speed recovery, and keep data continuously available for the business.

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