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4Q22 Revenue Growth of 15% in EMEA and Asia for Nakivo

25,000 paid customers in 177 countries

Nakivo Inc. announced its 4Q22 financial results.  
Revenue: In 4Q22, revenue in Europe grew by 15% in comparison to 4Q21. Revenue in the AsiaPac region also grew by 15% in the same quarter. Of the total revenue in 4Q22, 63% came from the EMEA region, 28% came from the Americas, and 9% came from the AsiaPac region. USA, Germany, and South Africa were the highest producers of revenue in 4Q22.
Revenue grew more than 100% Q/Q in Angola, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Haiti, Jamaica, Jordan, Macedonia, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, Latvia, Peru, Philippines, Serbia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam, and others.
Customers: Currently, the company has over 25,000 paid customers in 177 countries. The customer base grew by 16% in 4Q22 vs. 4Q21. The number of new customers grew by 16% in the EMEA region, by 18% in the AsiaPac region, and by 14% in the Americas. For the first time, the firm expanded into Aruba, Central African Republic, Iraq, and Seychelles.
A sample of customers in 4Q22 includes FirstRand Bank Holdings, Brean Capital, UNDP Maldives, Pinoy Lotto Technologies Corporation.
Some examples of customer success stories in 4Q22 include People’s Bank (Nakivo Helps Banking Company Save Thousands of Dollars on Renewal Costs), Silk Road Bank (Nakivo Helps a Georgian Bank Achieve 100% Backup Success Rate), Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel (Nakivo Helps Radisson Hotel Support Excellent Guest Services).
Technology partners: In 4Q22, the firm delivered Backup & Replication via technology partners, as more enterprises and SMBs chose to install Backup & Replication on partner hardware. Particularly, Asustor NAS installations grew by 75% in 4Q22 vs. 4Q21.
Solution partners: The vendor has over 7,500 software solution providers as partners across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the AsiaPac. In 4Q22, 226 new solution providers joined the its Partner Program and now offer products to their enterprise and SMB customers.
MSPs: MSP Program enables managed service, cloud, and hosting providers to deliver BaaS, VM replication as-a-service, and VM DRaaS to their customers. In 4Q22, the number of MSPs grew by 35% vs. 4Q21. Moreover, for the first time, MSPs from Bangladesh, Italia, Jamaica, Morocco, and Uruguay started using Backup & Replication to build their offerings.
Product Releases: In 2022, the firm released the following product versions:
• v10.6 with NAS Backup for file share protection on NAS and Windows/Linux file servers
• v10.7 with more cloud targets, expanded anti-ransomware functionality, and Microsoft Teams support
• v10.7.2 with vSphere 8 IA compatibility
Nakivo is dedicated to providing advanced protection at an affordable price,” said CEO Bruce Talley. “We are delivering early support for the latest technologies and anticipating future trends as we expand our presence around the world. Customers recognise the work we do and continue to give Backup & Replication the highest ratings.”

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