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17 Storage Unicorn Companies

No change since June 2022

Coldago Research, a storage and data management research and analysis firm, released last December its 12th storage unicorn report ($2,990) with 17 companies.

A unicorn is a private company with a $1 billion valuation minimum. The research firm includes entities belonging to private equity firms such Veeam, Barracuda Networks or Veritas Technologies for instance, some of them have quit the public quotation marketplace.

In the domain the analyst firm monitors, the list remains the same as the one published last June without any new entrant. 17 companies belongs to this list, it confirms that 2022 was impacted by the Covid, the war and the energy crisis as well. Valuation for companies has been reduced for sure and it creates some difficulties for others close to the club to pass the famous barrier. The majority of companies play in file storage, cloud storage and data protection.

The 17 unicorn companies in alphabetic order are : Acronis, Barracuda Networks, Cohesity, DataCore, DDN, Druva, Infinidat, Kaseya, MinIO, Nasuni, OwnBackupQumuloRubrikVast DataVeeam SoftwareVeritas Technologies and Wasabi Technologies.

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