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IBM Elastic Storage System 3500

Capacity up to 16PB, with support for up to 8 expansion storage enclosures

IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS) 3500 delivers enhanced capacity with support for up to eight expansion storage enclosures

IBM ESS 3500 combines Spectrum Scale for ESS with NVMe gen 4 storage in a 2U form factor.

Ibm Elastic Storage System 3500 1668607533

This solution accelerates AI workloads and optimizes GPU compute environments, while delivering performance and availability benefits to other workloads.

With this announcement, the number of 5147-102 Storage Enclosures which may be attached to an ESS 3500 is increased from the previous maximum of 4 to up to 8, providing up to 16PB of raw HDD disk capacity

ESS 5147-102 Storage Enclosure is an enterprise, redundant, SAS storage enclosure that supports up to 102 2.5-inch HDDs, with support for 10, 14, 18, and 20TB drive capacities. Up to 8 5147-102 storage enclosures can be attached to ESS 3500 (5141-FN2), providing up to 16PB of HDD capacity.

ESS 3500 Hybrid Models with 1 to 8 5147-102 enclosures can also be configured with 12 or 24 flash drives in addition to the HDD. ESS 3500 Capacity Models with 1 to 8 5147-102 HDD enclosures include 4 flash drives, with MES capabilty to add an additional 20 flash drives.

Key requirements:

  • ESS management server (5105-22E)
  • Management switch (8831-S52 or 8831-T48)

Planned availability date: January 27, 2023

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