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FMS: Kioxia Launches 2nd Gen of XL-FLASH SCM Solution Based on BiCS FLASH 3D

Achieves reduction in bit cost as result of addition of MLC functionality with 2-bit/cell, in addition to SLC of existing model.

Kioxia Corporation announced the second gen of XL-FLASH, a Storage Class Memory (SCM) solution based on its BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory technology, which reduces bit cost while providing performance and low latency.

Product sample shipments are scheduled to start in November, with volume production expected to begin in 2023.

The second gen XL-FLASH achieves reduction in bit cost as a result of the addition of MLC functionality with 2-bit/cell, in addition to the SLC of the existing model. The maximum number of planes that can operate simultaneously has also increased from the current model, which will allow for improved throughput. The XL-FLASH will have a memory capacity of 256Gb (1).

The company’s 2nd Gen XL-FLASH memory solution is engineered to bring higher performance and lower cost for data centers and enterprise servers and storage systems. In the future, it may also be possible to apply the product using CXL (Compute Express Link). The firm will continue to develop technologies and products to meet the needs of the expanding SCM market.

It featured the second gen XL-FLASH during its keynote presentation at FMS 2022 in Santa Clara, CA.

(1) 2/4 or 8 layers of chips can be stacked in one package.

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