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Ctera in Partnership With Wasabi

For bringing secure cloud file services to mid-market

Ctera Networks, Ltd. announced a partnership with Wasabi Technologies, Inc. to provide integrated file and object data service for mid-sized companies.

Ctera Wasabi

The offering combines Ctera’s global file system technology with Wasabi’s scalable object storage, in simple service bundles designed for rapid delivery and support by channel partners.

Companies of all sizes struggle to close IT gaps as they shift from traditional workplace models to new post-pandemic hybrid environments. Cloud object storage introduces unparalleled levels of scale compared to traditional NAS systems but requires a layer of file services to serve remote sites in a secure and performant manner.

The Ctera file services platform connects the cloud with on-premises locations and roaming users over a single namespace using edge filers and endpoint agents that provide local caching and end-to-end encryption. In addition, the solution provides centralized management from a multi-tenant portal that allows IT admins and service companies to automate deployments and remotely manage their data with minimal operational overhead.

The offering packages Ctera file services with Wasabi’s cloud object service in simple consumption-based bundles that expand on-demand, with no hidden costs or egress fees, and includes the following capabilities:

  • Integrated file and object cloud service: Ctera’s Global File System creates a single global namespace for all files and delivers infinite cloud storage leveraging a cost-effective object storage repository powered by Wasabi.
  • Edge Filers for fast local SMB/NFS access: Ctera Edge Filers use caching to accelerate file access speeds for remote users, ensure availability even when disconnected from the cloud, and enable users to maintain familiar workflows.
  • Ransomware protection and DR: Global File System helps eliminate the risk of data loss by allowing organizations to recover “locked” data within minutes, avoiding downtime, and remaining assured that sensitive information is never exposed to hackers. By combining enterprise-grade antivirus and threat protection and a zero-trust architecture, the company delivers an effective ransomware mitigation and BC.
  • Automated data discovery and migration from legacy NAS: Ctera Migrate is a built-in data migration engine that provides data discovery and automated import of file shares from legacy NAS streamlining enterprise cloud transformation initiatives that otherwise might be hindered by the complexity and cost overhead of data migration from legacy systems.

One of the greatest challenges facing a design agency is predicting and scaling our storage infrastructure. Images and video files take up lots of space – a single project may require hundreds of them,” said James Payne, technology director, Glenn Davis Group.Ctera’s global file system paired with Wasabi’s object storage delivers on-prem performance to handle the demands of a big project while protecting historical files and stale data in a vast, encrypted cloud container. Add to that mix an elegant web interface for anywhere access to all our information, including endpoint backups, and we have the perfect solution to address the evolving needs of our organization.

Ctera has been delivering cloud file services for large enterprises for many years,” said Oded Nagel, CSO, Ctera. “We are excited to partner with Wasabi to deliver our technology to the mid-market, enabling Ctera and Wasabi resellers to leverage our extensive multi-tenant portal capabilities to deliver much-needed managed data services to their customers.

Our partnership with CTERA is a great example of how a leading application vendor can leverage Wasabi to create a better-together offer,” said Mark Vella, VP, global business development, Wasabi. “The tightly integrated solution and provisioning experience delivers a user-friendly Cloud File Management and Storage solution for both partners and customers without the complexity or high costs. We are thrilled to be working with Ctera and growing our global presence together.

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