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Wasabi in Partnership With Signiant

To deliver mission-critical infrastructure to M&E industry

Wasabi Technologies, Inc. partners with Signiant, Inc. to accelerated transfer of media assets and associated metadata from customer locations into and out of its hot cloud storage.

Wasabi Signiant

Few industries generate as much data as M&E, given the sheer amount of digital content being produced at higher resolutions than ever before. In sports, there is a amount of game day footage being captured along with graphics, pre-recorded segments and analytics, all of which must be delivered as fast as possible to maximize fan engagement. The rise of remote production teams driven by the Covid pandemic also requires ultra-fast media delivery on a global scale with security.

By leveraging the power of Wasabi hot cloud storage and Signiant intelligent file transfer, joint users can ingest content files of any size into low-cost cloud storage and distribute content out to stakeholders located anywhere in the world with the least delay and reliability.

Signiant’s patented file acceleration technology eliminates latency, taking advantage of all available bandwidth without restrictions while Wasabi eliminates the complexity and expense of other cloud storage services by not charging for data egress, API calls and other data management actions. This later company is further expanding its strategic relationship with Signiant beyond supporting Media Shuttle to include support for Signiant Jet for automated rapid transfer and syncing of media files between supply chain endpoints and Wasabi.

As the M&E industry leverages the cloud to meet these modern challenges head on, it’s critical to control project costs while also giving production teams a high-performance, flexible, and secure solution to get the job done,” said Greg Baumhover, direct of global partnerships, Signiant. “Not only does Wasabi deliver fast write and read performance, its simple and transparent pricing allows M&E companies to do more with less and now with Signiant Jet teams can move assets to the cloud at blazing speeds.

Wasabi purpose-built for M&E
Media workflows have gone through transformation with traditional infrastructure and processes giving way to virtualized operations and remote collaboration using cloud infrastructure. Wasabi offers a hot cloud storage service that is 1/5th the cost of Amazon S3, with no fees for egress or API requests and no vendor lock-in. M&E organizations can store all their content in the cloud, from raw footage to finished product, with everything accessible without friction or added expense. Additionally, the feature Object Lock delivers a new level of data protection, which is at increased risk for ransomware attacks due to its coveted and valuable digital assets as well as other data-related catastrophes that can happen in fast-paced industries.

Wasabi has expanded globally to meet the exploding need for cloud storage and has recently opened its 11th global storage location in Toronto, Canada to accommodate the region’s booming production industry. In addition, the company has teamed up with many brands including Liverpool Football Club, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Bruins.

As our data needs continue to evolve, from player analytics, IoT, digital assets and even security, this presents an enormous learning opportunity for the organization,” said Red Sox SVP and CTO Brian Shield. “Wasabi provides a cost-effective cloud-based solution that enables us to retrieve content quickly and improve the level of video analysis and production we do here at the Red Sox. We could not be more excited to welcome Wasabi onboard.

M&E has become one of Wasabi’s most important lines of business due to the sheer amount of content that needs to be stored and made instantly available to the new workflows that have emerged in the Covid world. Addressing these new realities should not be cost prohibitive, and that is where Wasabi is changing the game,” said Whit Jackson, VP, M&E, Wasabi. “Through our technology partnership with Signiant and our disruptively simple pricing, M&E companies benefit from the industry’s fastest file movement and best cloud storage to keep production projects on schedule and under budget.

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