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Catalogic CloudCasa Adds Security Posture Review and Cross-Cluster Restores for Kubernetes Backup

Supports Kubernetes administrators with cyber-resilience and multi-cloud DR features.

Catalogic Software announced a feature release for its cloud native backup-as-a-service platform CloudCasa.

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CloudCasa enables migration and recovery use cases that allow organizations to restore data across clusters, regions, cloud accounts and cloud providers using storage class remapping. This is important for DR scenarios, for cluster migration, and replication of production environments for dev/test. For cyber-resilience in addition to SafeLock which provides tamper-proof protection for backup data, CloudCasa also introduced security scanning for Kubernetes clusters and AWS cloud accounts.

CloudCasa feature updates include:

  • Kubernetes security posture review

  • AWS cloud security posture review

  • Kubernetes cross-cluster, cross-account, and cross-cloud restores

  • Organization support for enterprises

  • Agent auto-updates

The new security posture review features allow users to protect vs. intrusion and data exfiltration due to misconfiguration by scanning Kubernetes cluster, cloud, container, and network configuration. According to the State of Kubernetes Security report, 94% of Kubernetes users have experienced a security incident in the last 12 months and 55% have delayed deploying Kubernetes in production due to unresolved security concerns.

Application migration support requires users to use backup and restore workflows to migrate applications or data services between environments. This latest version of CloudCasa supports lift-and-shift migrations, application transformation, and cloud migration use cases,” said Enrico Signoretti, research product manager, GigaOm. “CloudCasa enables heterogeneous restores between different storage classes, allowing the mapping of different storage classes within the CSI and EBS realm, and enabling DR-to-the-cloud migration scenarios.

CloudCasa was recently named in the GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection as a ‘Fast Mover’ entering the leader’s circle.

With this release, CloudCasa becomes the first Kubernetes data protection product or service that allows auto-creation of an Amazon EKS cluster during recovery based on the configuration of the cluster backed up. This allows Kubernetes administrators to automate and considerably shorten their recovery times without maintaining a costly stand-by cluster in their cloud just for restores,” said Sathya Sankaran, COO, Catalogic. “With the new security posture reviews for Kubernetes and cloud environments, CloudCasa provides the most cyber-resilient data protection service that can deliver not just quick recovery in the event of a cyber-attack but also detect vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

CloudCasa protects cloud native applications across Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), DigitalOcean, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE Rancher, and Vmware Tanzu.

CloudCasa is available through public cloud catalogs and marketplaces such as AWS Partner Network and DigitalOcean and the catalogs of Kubernetes management platforms such as Rafay and SUSE Rancher.

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