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CloudCasa/Catalogic Adds Azure Cloud Storage Option, Ransomware Protection and Kubernetes Persistent Volume Backup

Backup-as-a-service adds air-gapped storage with 5TB promotion to free service tier.

Catalogic Software, Inc. announced a feature set including ransomware protection, a choice of Amazon or Azure cloud storage, and Kubernetes Persistent Volume (PV) backups for its cloud native backup-as-a-service platform CloudCasa.

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Cloudcasa Dashboard New

CloudCasa is a simple, scalable data protection and DR service for cloud native applications and supports all leading Kubernetes distributions and managed services and cloud database services.

“We’re excited to see the addition of an Azure Cloud Storage option for CloudCasa backups,” said Steven Sharpless, CEO, Steepmeadow Solutions, Microsoft Gold Cloud solutions provider. “CloudCasa is now a solution that we can recommend to our Microsoft Azure customers.”

CloudCasa feature set includes:

  • Choice of Amazon or Azure cloud storage provider to store customer backups in air-gapped storage

  • Choice of cloud storage regions across the globe to keep backup data limited to a country

  • Kubernetes Persistent Volume (PV) backups along with 5TB promotion for early access registrants

  • Support for Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) persistent volumes for the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) in addition to CSI volumes

  • Other service improvements: tag-based selection for RDS backups, security and operations improvements

CloudCasa’s ability to store backups in different management domains provides added protection from ransomware via air-gapped backup storage. Additionally, it supports choice of cloud storage region to support data sovereignty, and also ensure that there are no data transfer costs for backups of clusters running in the cloud.

We are pleased to introduce new features to CloudCasa, including the choice of public clouds and regions, to provide air-gapped backup storage for ransomware protection, and to provide a promotion for early registrants to protect up to 5TBs for free,” said Sathya Sankaran, COO, Catalogic. “CloudCasa was built to address the data protection weaknesses in Kubernetes and cloud-native infrastructure and to bridge the data protection and management gap between DevOps and IT operations. We want to encourage developers and DevOps teams to start using CloudCasa and get real value from the service with no strings attached, and no credit card required.”

CloudCasa protects cloud native applications across Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Red Hat OpenShift, and VMware Tanzu. CloudCasa is available through public cloud marketplaces and marketplaces of distributions such as SUSE Rancher and DigitalOcean.

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