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Pure Storage Portworx Data Services Database-as-a-Service Platform for Kubernetes

Delivers operational experience for range of data services on Kubernetes, and simplifies data service management.

Pure Storage, Inc. announced Portworx Data Services (PDS), a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform for Kubernetes.

Portworx Data Services Scheme

Modern applications are composed of dozens or even hundreds of microservices, often supported by one or more data services such as databases, streaming and message queues, search, AI/ML pipelines, and more. Managing so many types of data services is complex, but this complexity is augmented further by the number of database instances to manage and scale across disparate test, dev, and production environments, across availability zones and clouds, with varied requirements around performance, high availability, data protection, data security, compliance, and more. As a result of this complexity, DevOps teams spend a large amount of their time firefighting deployments and operations, instead of delivering new features customers want.

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Portworx Data Services Pds

PDS delivers automated DBaaS management to solve these problems and more. With one click, DevOps engineers can deploy a managed, production-grade data service on Kubernetes from a broad catalog of options for SQL, NoSQL, search, streaming, and more, with automated day-2 operations.

As the market leader in data management for Kubernetes, we’ve built a foundation for our customers to deploy stateful applications on Kubernetes with confidence and ease. Portworx Data Services is the next leap forward in this journey. Now we don’t just give IT teams the tools needed to run data services in production, we are providing an as-a-service experience for the data services themselves so our customers can focus on innovation, not operations,” said Murli Thirumale, VP and GM, cloud native business unit.

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Portworx Data Services Scheme


Portworx Data Services delivers key capabilities to help customers accelerate innovation:

  • Built upon the standard of Kubernetes storage and data management: Portworx Enterprise provides the building blocks for building production-grade data services on Kubernetes such as high availability, data protection, data security and mobility. The services combines those capabilities, along with best practices, to create and run enterprise-class data services on-demand in any Kubernetes cluster.

  • Supports a broad range of data services: Users can leverage Portworx Data Services to deploy and manage a broad catalog of stateful applications, providing solutions for SQL, NoSQL, search, streaming, and other stateful workloads.

  • Simplifies running data services on Kubernetes: Applications deployed by Portworx Data Services automatically support backup and restore, high availability, disaster recovery, data security, automated capacity management, and data migration.

  • Provides consistent operational experience regardless of environment: Cloud or on-prem doesn’t matter. DevOps teams will have the same DBaaS experience for all data services regardless of where their application runs.

The ‘Early Access Program’ for Portworx Data Services is open. General availability will come in early 2022.

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