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Portworx by Pure Storage Supports Google Cloud Anthos on Bare Metal

Offering storage and data management solutions for applications running on Anthos on any infrastructure

Portworx by Pure Storage announced its qualification and support of Portworx Enterprise for Google Cloud’s Anthos on bare metal, a step which enables Anthos users to take advantage of its product portfolio on existing enterprise infrastructure while also modernizing applications throughout its lifecycle.


Portworx by Pure Storage helps Anthos realize a world where applications can run anywhere using a single management system.

The qualification expands Pure’s vision and portfolio of solutions to enable cloud transformation and provide customers with what matters the most – reliability, resilience, economics, security, performance, and operational simplicity. Pure has multiple offerings that are qualified as Anthos Ready, including Pure FlashArray, as well as Portworx Enterprise, both already available for Anthos running on-premises. These solutions address performance, availability, DR, data protection, and storage challenges associated with Kubernetes rollouts. Users of Anthos on bare metal who subscribe to Portworx will have access to Portworx’s integrated solution on Kubernetes on bare metal servers.

Portworx’s support for Anthos on bare metal provides our customers with a new choice when it comes to reducing the cost and clutter of managing hundreds to thousands of containers,” said Murli Thirumale, GM, cloud native business unit, Pure. “Now, mission-critical applications can run with lower latency and greater performance. Anthos on bare metal servers extends Anthos to edge locations and brings Portworx’s data services capabilities with it.

Deploying Anthos on bare metal servers gives customers more options and control over where they run their mission-critical applications,” said Rayn Veerubhotla, director, partner engineering, Google Cloud. “Our partnership with Portworx ensures customers can continue to use the container-based storage solutions they know and trust, while retaining their existing infrastructure for locally optimized performance and latency.

Anthos on bare metal delivers performance and flexibility without the added costs of switching hardware infrastructure. Its customers have direct control over application scale, security, network latency, and containerized applications (GKE). Additionally, Anthos on bare metal users receive the added benefits of lowered cost, monitored application deployment, HA, secure design/control, flexible hardware/OS, and load balancing.

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