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Portworx by Pure Storage: PX-Backup V.2.0 Data Protection Platform

Protects entire Kubernetes applications, delivering enterprise-grade features, enhanced security, and expanded ecosystem support.

Portworx by Pure Storage announced PX-Backup 2.0, the release of its application and data protection platform for modern applications.

 Activity Timeline dashboard
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Portworx Px Backup 2.0 Activity Timeline

Enhanced features enable enterprises to increase security with role-based access controls, improve data protection intelligence with an Activity Timeline dashboard and search to manage the backup process, and protect Kubernetes applications running on more ecosystem platforms.

Portworx Px Backup 2.0 Kubernetes Backup Rbac

Built to address the unique nature of Kubernetes, PX-Backup 2.0 provides IT teams at enterprise-scale organizations with the secure, self-service experience necessary to efficiently and successfully protect modern applications.

New features and capabilities include:

  • Secure self-service with Role Based Access Control (RBAC): Provides granular role-based access controls that integrate with corporate authentication systems like LDAP and Active Directory to enable a secure, self-service experience. Customers can now map users and user groups to specific roles, while administrators can control the permissions and level of user access in PX-Backup.

  • Improved data protection intelligence with backup activity timeline dashboard: A self-service dashboard providing daily and monthly graphical views of backup activities and statuses. Users can now obtain an at-a-glance view of all backup jobs in progress, and can filter and view the jobs on an hourly or daily basis.

  • Better usability with application grouping: Improved usability by making the Kubernetes application, as opposed to a pod, or object, a primary filter to setup and manage backups. As a result, users can optimize views for applications instead of individual resources and can scale the user interface for hundreds of namespaces and thousands of resources.

  • Extended ecosystem support: Broad backup and recovery support for ecosystem Kubernetes offerings, including VMware Tanzu and Microsoft Azure by leveraging native CSI integration. Now PX-Backup can protect applications running on these platforms, even if a customer is not using PX-Store.

  • Availability in cloud marketplaces: PX-Backup can be purchased from the AWS Marketplace and IBM Cloud Catalog with unified billing.

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Portworx Px Backup Screenshot

Data protection is increasingly critical, yet many organizations struggle, particularly in complex, distributed Kubernetes environments where traditional, server-based data protection methods can’t scale effectively. In fact, approximately 75% of IT professionals wrongly believe that container-based applications can be backed up in the same way as individual applications, according to Enterprise Strategy Group (1). As a result, enterprises are at risk of significant process delays, unplanned downtime, and possible data loss in the event of common operational failures.

Protecting Kubernetes applications in highly dynamic environments requires a completely different approach – one that has container granularity, is Kubernetes-aware and multi-cloud. With PX-Backup 2.0, enterprises can protect their mission critical Kubernetes applications with a secure, self-service experience designed specifically for these modern complex environments,” said Murli Thirumale, VP and GM, cloud native business unit, Pure Storage.

PX-Backup 2.0 and PX-Backup in AWS Marketplace will be available by the end of May 2021.

(1)  Enterprise Strategy Group, December 30, 2020

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