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StorCentric Acquires Retrospect

Third acquisition after Drobo and Nexsan to offer storage, archiving and backup solutions

StorCentric, Inc., parent company of Drobo and Nexsan,  acquired privately-owned backup software company, Retrospect, Inc., provider of backup and recovery tools for consumers, professionals and SMBs.

Under terms of the agreement, Retrospect will operate as an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of StorCentric.

It provides backup and recovery software and enables over 500,000 customers in over 100 countries to recover from accidents, hardware failure, theft, and disaster.

Retrospect Backup supports both consumers and SMBs with a range of backup and recovery capabilities. These include a selection of platform support for servers, endpoints, and virtual environments, as well as integration with over twenty cloud storage providers, including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Dropbox. Retrospect Backup protects data for customers as diverse as individual professionals to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

Focus on Customer
The acquisition places StorCentric in a strong position to offer customers a complete and comprehensive storage solution. Professionals and SMBs using Drobo storage products will now be able to seamlessly add another layer of data protection and integrate with off-site cloud solutions with cross platform support including Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware, and Hyper -V.

Mihir Shah, CEO at StorCentric, commented: “At StorCentric, we are focused on providing solutions to protect our customers’ digital information, and with this acquisition, we can now offer unrivaled backup and recovery solutions. Retrospect has an impressive reputation in the market with a loyal base of over 500,000 customers, which is a testament to the quality of their products.”

“For 30 years, Retrospect has helped millions of professionals and businesses protect their data,” said JG Heithcock, co-founder and CEO, Retrospect. “We’re very pleased to join the StorCentric family, providing StorCentric customers with a complete storage solution with built-in data protection. The StorCentric brands have a long history of technical innovation, and Retrospect is the next step toward building a market-leading storage solutions company.”

StorCentric Continues to Execute on Growth Strategy
Through Third Acquisition
StorCentric acquired Drobo and Nexsan in August of 2018 to provide a portfolio of storage solutions with a broad product line. Both companies have a history of storage innovation with a focus on efficiency, ease of use and quality products.

“We laid out our strategy for StorCentric to unify exceptional technology and create a world-class storage company. This third acquisition not only highlights the execution of our strategy, but also our unrelenting commitment to protect our customer’s digital information. We will continue to grow both organically and through further acquisitions,” said Shah.

The three brands under StorCentric offer a product portfolio with hardware and software storage products, IP, and talent focused on helping customers scale their businesses while accessing, backing up and archiving critical data. The firm now has a combined record of 1 million customers, 60 years of storage expertise and a focus on the media and entertainment, education, government and healthcare verticals.



Confirmation, StorCentric has executed the move they shared and described last March following a meeting witht Mihir Shah, CEO of the company, at their HQ. At that time he said he planed an external growth activity around a data protection software.

Let's mention a few words on the history as the product is 30 years old, belonging to the small list of surviving backup products. Retrospect as a product came from Dantz Development Corporation founded in 1989. It was initially dedicated to Mac and then Windows environments and targeted perfectly the SMB market segment gaining brand recognition and large adoption in these respective desktop/server landscapes.

Later in 2004, EMC acquired Dantz for approximately $50 million in a cash transaction. EMC changes has touched its SMB business and Dantz was sold to Roxio/Sonic Solutions in 2010.

Later in 2012, Retrospect as a product is extracted and the idea of an independent company is born. It marks the creation of Retrospect as a company to continue the product development. And we know the last event with the land to the StorCentric field as the first pure software acquisition, with a goal to operate as an independent entity like Nexsan and Drobo finally. We wrote recently that (some) good products (Data Dynamics StorageX and Atempo Tina for instance) survive multiple companies moving from one to an other.

StorCentric confirms its goal to build and extend its business to software with a potential 1/3 split related to revenue for hardware, software and professional services.

Retrospect should be integrated with Drobo as the perfect data protection companion and the company also thinks about a backup appliance to leverage its hardware capability and the Nexsan product line.

Cloud represents also a key strategic direction for StorCentric with Amazon S3, GCP and Dropbox and globally 20+ cloud storage providers. We expect also to see Azure in the list.

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