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Nexsan Ensures Ransomware Recovery with Immutable Backups

Combination of Unity and Assureon to manage backup and unstructured data for all applications

Cybersecurity experts often advocate for 1st-line measures aimed at helping organizations minimize the threat of being infected by ransomware.

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However strong these preventative measures may be, they remain inadequate in eliminating the threat entirely. To ensure recoverability from a ransomware event that evades even the most stringent defenses, businesses need to implement a last-line-of-defense data protection solution with features such as immutable snapshots, S3 object-locking or unbreakable backup, say experts at Nexsan, Inc.

Organizations large and small face unique challenges when it comes to data protection. From data sprawl and multiple points of failure of larger companies to limited resources and budget constraints from smaller ones, having the right tools to safeguard business-critical information is often overwhelming. Cybersecurity software is frequently pitched as the best method of avoiding instances of ransomware but restoring files from backups is often the most effective approach to recovering from an attack.

Consider these sobering statistics found on the World Backup Day website:

  • 21% of people have never made a backup

  • 29% of data loss cases are caused by accident

  • 30% of all computers are already infected with malware

Organizations cannot recover their systems and data if they have not implemented good backup measures. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have evolved and have been targeting backups, basically eliminating any chance of recovery. If backups are compromised prior to a ransomware attack, there is little recourse other than paying the ransom.

A best-approach strategy for safeguarding valuable data involves implementing a modern approach that ensures the security of backups, prioritizing backup protection. Unlike traditional backup solutions, these modern solutions offer features such as immutable snapshots, S3 object-locking and unbreakable backup.

Immutable snapshots are point-in-time copies of data that are locked down and cannot be altered or deleted, providing a reliable recovery point in case of data corruption or loss. While some ransomware is designed to target snapshots for deletion or encryption, immutable snapshots are indestructible, preventing any intentional or accidental destruction. They are a quick way to restore data, whether by making them available to applications or by rolling back to the desired snapshot.

S3 object-locking prevents the deletion or alteration of object versions for a specified period, enhancing data protection vs. ransomware and accidental changes. S3 object-locking safeguards objects in an S3-compatible storage system from alterations or deletions, with data stored in an immutable state of WORM. Implementing object locking requires careful planning to balance data accessibility with protection and compliance needs. S3 object-locking provides an additional layer of security for critical data, ensuring compliance and protection against cyber threats.

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Backups need to be stored securely while remaining accessible to the organization. At the same time, these organizations need consistent copies of data to maintain business operations in the event of failure. Unbreakable backup storage solutions provide high level of data protection, ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance in use cases such as high-security environments, long-term archival and protecting sensitive information vs. theft, loss and tampering. Firm’s Unbreakable Backup storage solution, a combination of Unity and Assureon, is a reliable way to manage backup and unstructured data for all applications. Ransomware recovery is streamlined with company’s immutable backup system, ensuring data integrity with efficient shortcuts for immediate file access.

Ransomware is among the most devastating cybercriminal threats with nearly 2/3 of organizations being affected by it in 2023,” said Andy Hill, EVP. “Anti-malware products are not infallible and traditional backup systems do not provide the immutability needed to keep data truly protected. Deploying an immutable solution or an Unbreakable Backup with built-in security, compliance and ransomware protection offers a more robust defense to any accidental or malicious alterations. The last line of defense is your backup. Don’t let that fail you.”

The company systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premises storage hardware – a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing and now grows more pressing as organizations face increasing cloud costs. Nexsan channel partners excel at developing systems that address essential functions like high-performance data processing, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity and digital video.

Additional information about how SMEs can leverage the data protection of backups using the capabilities and applications of immutable snapshots, S3 object-locking and Unbreakable Backup is available at the company’s website.

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