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Nexsan Unity NV6000 4U Unified Storage System with Built-In Immutable Snapshots for SMEs

Up to 3.36PB of raw capacity, up to 100,000 IO/s, including FASTier caching, 3rd-party software support, multi-protocol support, Amazon S3 support and enhanced D2D backup capabilities

Nexsan, Inc. expanded its storage lineup with the Unity NV6000, a unified storage system with built-in immutable snapshots, Amazon S3 support and enhanced D2D backup capabilities suited for SMEs.

Nexsan Unity Nv6000 Intro

Tailored to meet the demands of modern IT environments, Unity NV6000 consolidates SAN and NAS workloads while simplifying storage infrastructure management. Its adaptability, reliability, data protection, scalability and streamlined management ensure organizations are positioned for long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The company’s newest offering provides built-in security, compliance and ransomware protection through its immutable volume and file system snapshot feature, which provides a defense to any accidental or malicious alterations. Additionally, Unity NV6000 provides HA with its dual-active controllers to enhance data redundancy, reducing the risk of disruptive downtime and ensuring uninterrupted business operations. When utilized in conjunction with the firm’s Assureon active data vault, SMEs enjoy unbreakable backup for the ultimate in data protection.

More and more organizations are increasingly concerned about the costly dangers and repercussions associated with insidious cyber-attacks,” said Marc Staimer, founder and president, Dragon Slayer Consulting. “By incorporating immutable snapshots into the Unity NV6000, Nexsan is providing an essential backstop for SMEs that they can recover from any disaster – intentional or otherwise – and be backed up and running again in short order.

In addition to enhanced data protection and recovery, Unity NV6000’s unified architecture supports block and file operations, along with S3 object storage, to simplify storage management, reduce complexity and enhance overall efficiency. With its extensive support for multiple data access protocols, including native NAS, iSCSI and FC, it ensures integration with an array of enterprise applications.

With up to 3.36PB of raw capacity, it provides a solution for managing data growth while optimizing infrastructure efficiency. It harnesses a suite of proven efficiency technologies, including compression and thin provisioning, to not only reduce costs but also minimize storage footprint. It offers a cost-effective long-term storage infrastructure investment, making it a choice for businesses seeking scalability and efficiency.

With the cyber security landscape becoming ever more complex, combined with cyber threats becoming increasingly more advanced, a cyber secure storage environment is fundamental to helping businesses of all sizes mitigate these threats,” said Jonathan Lassman, director, Epaton (UK reseller). “Nexsan’s latest release, the Unity NV6000 storage platform, which delivers file, block and object capabilities, now provides standard built-in immutable snapshots, Amazon S3 object-locking support and enhanced disk-to-disk-backup-capabilities to help in the cyber security battle – a great addition to our portfolio.

Additional key enterprise features included as part of company’s all-inclusive licensing:

  • FASTier caching – The firm’s FASTier acceleration technology leverages the power of solid-state to accelerate the performance of the underlying spinning disks by a factor of up to 10x
  • Unity software version 7.0 – includes important enhancements to power, enterprise-class security, compliance, and ransomware protection
  • Enhanced performance – Up to 100,000 IO/s
  • 3rdparty software support – Windows VSS, VMware, VAAI, Commvault, Veeam Ready Repository and more
  • Multi-protocol support – SAN (FC, iSCSI), NAS (NFS, CIF, SMB1 to SMB3, FTP), Object (S3), 16/32GB FC, 10/25/40/100GbE
  • HA – No single point-of-failure architecture with dual redundant storage controllers, redundant power supplies and RAID

If data is the new oil, it is more imperative than ever to make sure you protect your organization’s data from being siphoned off by the unscrupulous,” said Andy Hill, EVP, Nexsan. “We designed the Unity NV6000 to be that ultimate protection. With its immutable snapshots, scalability and efficiency, and the flexibility and performance required to meet the need for both physical and virtual environments, the Unity NV6000 is the ideal solution for SMEs needing to accelerate and protect modern IT workloads.”

The company’s systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premises storage hardware – a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing, and now grows more pressing as organizations face increasing cloud costs. The firm’s channel partners excel at developing systems that address essential functions like high-performance data processing, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity, and digital video.

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