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OVHcloud US and OneNeck IT Solutions in Partnership

To enhance Nutanix offering

OVHcloud US LLC and OneNeck IT Solutions LLC, a provider of hybrid IT and multi-cloud solutions and services, announce a partnership to deliver enhanced Nutanix-centric solutions to their joint customer base, initially across USA.

This collaboration marks a milestone in the evolution of cloud and managed services, offering businesses flexibility, performance, and scalability for their critical IT infrastructure.

Expanding the Cloud Horizon
Through this partnership, OneNeck IT Solutions will integrate OVHcloud’s infrastructure into its ReliaCloud portfolio, starting with OVHcloud’s data centers in Vint Hill, VA, and Hillsboro, OR. This expansion enables OneNeck to offer its ReliaCloud product line, including DRaaS, and a suite of Nutanix Licensing and Managed Services directly to OVHcloud customers, enhancing their cloud capabilities and service offerings.

A Partnership Powered by Excellence
OVHcloud and OneNeck’s collaboration is built on a foundation of mutual excellence and innovation. OVHcloud, renowned for its sustainable cloud solutions, brings to the partnership a constantly growing network of global data centers and a portfolio of cloud services. OneNeck, recognized as the Global and Americas Service Provider of the Year by Nutanix, brings over 150 Nutanix certifications and a track record of delivering high-quality, Nutanix-powered cloud solutions.

We are excited to partner with OVHcloud, combining our strengths to enhance our cloud offerings. This collaboration is not just a testament to our shared commitment towards innovation and excellence, but it also signifies our dedication to providing our customers with the most advanced and efficient IT solutions available in the market. It’s a significant step forward for us, and we look forward to shaping the future of cloud services together,” said Ted Wiessing, CEO, OneNeck IT Solutions.

With this partnership, OVHcloud US and OneNeck bring together for the benefit of their customers a reliable and price performing infrastructure to operate, automate, and scale their Nutanix environment. Together, we aim to support our mutual customers by simplifying management of the cloud and enabling them to deliver value in the form of agility, speed, and innovation for their organizations,” said Michel Paulin, CEO, OVHcloud.

This strategic initiative brings our world-class infrastructure to OneNeck’s ReliaCloud customers for an unmatched cloud experience,” said Jeffrey Gregor, GM, OVHcloud US. “We’re working together to deliver great performance and value. ReliaCloud customers will have peace of mind with predictable, transparent pricing and access to our eco-friendly US-based data centers. Additionally, they will capitalize on our predictable pricing without hidden fees such as egress bandwidth cost.

Meeting Modern IT Infrastructure Demands
The partnership addresses the growing demand for flexible, scalable, and efficient IT solutions by offering businesses a suite of services, including:

  • Nutanix Licensing-as-a-Service: Making Nutanix licenses more accessible to OVHcloud customers, allowing for scalability and management of cloud resources.
  • Nutanix Management: Offering OVHcloud customers expert management services for their Nutanix environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
  • ReliaCloud Hosted Private Cloud: Providing OneNeck customers with a private hosted cloud solution that leverages the power and reach of OVHcloud’s infrastructure, offering a secure, and scalable cloud platform.
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