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OWC SoftRAID V.8 Software for macOS and Windows

Introduces 2 simplified tiers, Standard (free) and Premium version ($150 for 1st year and $80/year thereafter) providing essential data access, integrity, and updates.

OWC (Other World Computing) unveiled SoftRAID 8 software release that redefines RAID management for Mac and Windows environments.

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Owc Softraid Mac Windows K7w5on

Quickly accessing data with the right safeguards is a difficult balance. Whether it is enhancing multimedia production workflows, protecting critical business files, or ensuring uninterrupted access to valuable data, SoftRAID is a solution to manage RAID arrays. It implements the latest performance technology unleashing remarkable speeds on a RAID system. Simply connect the drive array, format the preferred RAID level, and experience the breakneck speeds first-hand. RAID management has never been this powerful and easy to use.

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Powerful RAID tool
SoftRAID 8 introduces 2 simplified tiers, Standard and Premium, that provide essential data access, integrity, and updates.

  • SoftRAID Standard, a free version, enables full access to RAID volumes, guaranteeing seamless full RW data access. It provides the capability to rebuild and replace drives in the event of failure, ensuring continuous operation. Additionally, it provides access to the most recent updates and upgrades, offering a toolkit for RAID volume management across OS versions.
  • SoftRAID Premium, a new paid subscription tier, is set apart from other RAID solutions with the unparalleled protection and support. With the Premium tier, you will gain the ability to create fast volumes and benefit from enhanced data integrity through the SoftRAID Monitor. This monitoring tool consistently evaluates RAID performance, providing timely notifications via email about potential issues. This proactive approach enables data protection long before problems arise, sometimes with months of anticipation. Another key benefit of the Premium tier is access to firm’s support team to assist with troubleshooting volumes and critical disk health notifications.

SoftRAID 8 is a game-changer, pushing the boundaries of RAID management with unparalleled efficiency and speed. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution in how we approach and enhance data security across Mac and Windows environments. With new RAID levels, boosted performance, and proactive health monitoring, SoftRAID 8 cements itself as the most powerful RAID tool on the planet,” said Larry O’Connor, founder and CEO.

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Owc Softraid Mac Windows Failure Detection

What is New with SoftRAID 8

  • Performance: Up to 26,000MB/s with 4x the efficiency on macOS, up to 50% faster PCIe RAID-4, -5 write speed on Apple silicon machines (1), and up to 175% faster RAID-5 speeds on Windows (2).
  • Predict failure to prevent failure: Enhanced health checks on flash arrays with expanded NVMe SMART monitoring within SoftRAID Monitor in addition to HDD/SDD monitoring.
  • Windows enhancements: Windows adds support for RAID-4, APFS volumes, and SMART monitoring over USB.
  • Email notifications: Receive email notifications with health reports and direct escalation to the company’s support (3).
  • Future-ready: SoftRAID now supports USB-4 on both macOS and Windows, ensuring your RAID management is prepared for the next-gen USB arrays.

I prefer to be behind the camera when working. So, avoiding unnecessary time waiting behind the computer for my files and data is a win,” said Nick Cahill, filmmaker and outdoor photographer. “I would say the performance of SoftRAID helps get me back behind the camera.

SoftRAID 8 is the culmination of the firm‘s commitment to providing an advanced RAID management solution across platforms.

Pricing and availability
Standard and Premium are available via the company webstore. Standard is a free download and Premium can be purchased for $149.99 for the 1st year and $79.99/year thereafter. Additional seats and upgrades from previous version are also available. An active subscription is required to maintain SoftRAID Premium features.

SoftRAID 8 works with macOS 10.14 and later, Windows 10 and later, and Windows Server 2019 and later.

30-day risk-free trial
Premium offers a free 30-day trial, with access to all SoftRAID Premium features – disk checking, monitoring, and easy volume creation.

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Owc Softraid Mac Windows Versions

(1) MacOS performance improvements require macOS 14.4. Write speed over PCIe on an Accelsior 8 M2 in a 2023 Apple silicon Mac Pro formatted in RAID-0.
(2) Windows tests performed with OWC Accelsior 8M2, formatted with SoftRAID 8 as RAID 5 NTFS with maximum stripe unit size. Tested with AJA System Test, 5120x2700n5K RED, 64GB, 16bit RGBa, single file, disk cache disabled. 
(3) Available now on macOS, coming soon for Windows

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