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OWC SoftRAID V.7 for MacOS RAID Management Software

Upgrades before December 3, 2022 and saves over 40% off SoftRAID Lite or $30.

Other World Computing, Inc. (OWC) announces SoftRAID 7 for Mac software RAID management software.

Owc Softraid Intro 2211

SoftRAID 7 adds compatibility for Apple macOS 13 Ventura, with support for all Intel and Apple silicon Macs, including M1 and M2 Macs. This version continues firm’s commitment to data security and protection. It underwent an independent deep code review of all components by macOS security experts to review areas that might be exploited.

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It also includes a free year of upgrade + support plan, ensuring users always have access to the latest software features and maintenance versions.

SoftRAID 7 for Mac highlights:

  • Compatible: adds support for Apple macOS 13 (Ventura)

  • Secure: updated deep code review to test and strengthen SoftRAID protection vs. malware and other vulnerabilities

  • Easier installation: new driver loading architecture and UI make it easier to install the SoftRAID driver

  • Up to date: Upgrade + support plan ensures you always have access to the latest version of SoftRAID and the firm’s support

Data accessibility
User can access its files and folders anytime with SoftRAID installed. To take advantage of all software’s features, including management, health monitoring, and protection, need an active license.

Owc Softraid Mac Dark 2 2211

Pricing and availability
Upgrade before December 3, 2022 and save over 40% off SoftRAID Lite ($29.99 – usually $49.99) and SoftRAID Pro ($99.99 – usually $179.99). Owners of company’s storage solutions that include SoftRAID XT, may also be eligible for free or upgrade discounts.

All new purchases and upgrades receive one free year of the Upgrade + Support plan giving users free upgrades and updates and email, chat, and phone support.

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