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Asustor Adds Seagate IronWolf Pro 24TB NAS Dedicated HDDs Compatibility

In Drivestor, Drivestor 2 Lite, Drivestor Pro, Nimbustor, Nimbustor Gen2, Lockerstor, and Lockerstor Gen2 NAS models

Asustor Inc. has updated the HDD compatibility list by adding Seagate Technology plc’s IronWolf Pro 24TB high-capacity NAS HDD.

Asustor Myarchive Hdd

The listed model is ST24000NT002. IronWolfPro is designed for businesses and those that want data capacity. Using Seagate’s 24TB HDDs in conjunction with the largest Asustor NAS devices means that some company’s NAS devices can support up to just under 400TB. 

24TB HDDs also help the firm‘s MyArchive feature. Their use helps make the backup process with MyArchive easier by using fewer drives. This helps facilitate safe 3-2-1 backups as well as providing as much archival storage as needed. Need even more space? Use the Xpanstor 4, 1 of the expansion units featuring a 10Gb/s USB interface. It also supports MyArchive cold backup technology even on NAS devices that don’t support HDDs. In addition to the additional 96TB storage space provided by the 4 HDD bays, the USB 3.2 Gen 2 port increases the performance. 

The company’s NAS devices such as the firm’s AS54 and Lockerstor Gen2 support IronWolf Pro 24TB hard drives and also support up to 4 M.2 slots for NVMe SSDs, which is over 2x the amount used in competing solutions of the same class. Both caching and storage are supported on M.2 SSDs, and all company’s NAS devices support the Seagate Ironwolf Health Management data protection software and all series of the firm’s NAS have a warranty plan of more than 3 years. This provides enterprises with a safe and efficient storage environment and also helps keep important files to be optimally stored and protected.

(*) System requirements: Drivestor/Drivestor 2 Lite/Drivestor Pro/Nimbustor/Nimbustor Gen2/Lockerstor/Lockerstor Gen2

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