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Asustor 2-Bay Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 and 4-Bay Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 NAS with Quad-Core Realtek 1.7GHz Processor, Btrfs Support, and 2.5GbE Port

$270 (diskless) for Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2, and $340 (diskless) for Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2

Asustor, Inc. launches 2 new NAS, but also 2 new features brand to the line of its NAS devices with ARM processors.

Asustor Drivestor Pro Gen2 Intro

Asustor Drivestor Pro Gen2 Scheme1

The introduction of the Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 and Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 come with an upgraded SoC, providing 21% more performance, which increases RW speeds and performance for the features and Apps available for the Drivestor Pro Gen2. This series comes with 2.5GbE, hot-swappable HDD bays, hardware transcoding, tool-free design and more! The upgraded iGPU found in the Drivestor Pro Gen2 gives better performance when transcoding multimedia.

Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 NAS front and rear

Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro Gen2 2bay Frontandrear

The Drivestor Pro Gen2 series comes with a new feature. Btrfs is now supported on the Drivestor Pro Gen2, a 1st for firm’s NAS running ARM CPUs. It helps protect data by enabling snapshots of data at certain points in time and is able to rewind the clock should any unintentional modifications be made and restore data if needed. 

Drivestor 4 Pro Gen2 NAS front and rear

Asustor As3304t R2 Frontandrear
The Drivestor Pro Gen2 series comes equipped with the latest version of
ADM NAS OS for maximum functionality. ADM 4.2 incorporates multiple new security measures like the new Dr. Asustor, which takes a more proactive approach to NAS security. At the same time, it can also detect and provide security recommendations for immediate optimization to help reduce the risk of attacks by malicious individuals.

The MSRP for the Drivestor 2 Pro and Drivestor 4 Pro are $269 and $339 respectively.


  • CPU: Quad-Core Realtek RTD1619B 1.7GHz
  • RAM: 2GB DDR4
  • Storage: 
    • 2x(2.5” / 3.5” SATA HDD or SSD)
    • 4x(2.5” / 3.5” SATA HDD or SSD) 
  • Networking: x2.5GbE ( 2.5G/s/,1Gb/s, 100Mb/s speed )
  • Maximum speed with SMB Multichannel on RAID-5 – 287MB/s/293MB/s
  • Expansion: 1xUSB 3.2 Gen 1, 2xUSB 3.2 Gen 1
  • Maximum volume size of 44TB/ 88TB ( AS3302T v2 / AS3304T v2 )
  • Supports hardware accelerated encryption and tool-free hard drive caddies
  • Supports RAID-0/1 /5 /6 /10, Single, JBOD 
  • Supports system migration
  • Supports MyArchive 
  • Supports Wake On WAN and Wake on LAN
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