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Vinpower iXflash Dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type C and A Up to 2TB Flash Drive

Has Apple authorized MFi certification for iOS devices using dual head flash storage product containing only USB Type C and A connections.

Vinpower, Inc. showcased at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), another advancement to its line of Apple mobile iOS (iPhone/iPad) storage products.

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Vinpower Ixflash Intro
As showcased for the 1st time at CES 2024, the iXflash USB 3.2 Gen 1 dual Type C and A drive, with capacities from 32GB up to 2TB, became a 1st to receive an Apple MFi certification without a Lightning connection. Until this point, only flash storage devices that contained a Lightning connection could receive the coveted MFi certification from Apple. Yet, with Apple switching to the Universal USB Type C connection, the company felt it was important to develop a dual head USB Type C and Type A flash drive that can work with Apple iOS devices as well as virtually all other mobile phones, tablets, and computers, providing complete versatility.

Ixflash Major 5features

In getting the Apple MFi certification for the iXflash USB Type C and A, it allows to create and access a specialized Apple App that opens up an assortment of added functionality and benefits. For instance, the iXflash App offers the ability to backup all photos and videos from multiple iPhones and iPads, including those stored in iCloud. Offers multiple folders to keep all images and documents separated and associated with the devices they came from. Maintains all original Apple date stamps, meta data, locations, etc. Able to take photos and videos that do not use the iPhone or iPad’s internal memory and are stored directly on the iXflash. Can pause and resume video for a continuous single video instead of multiple short choppy videos. Able to open, create, modify, and share nearly all file formats and documents.

Read Only File Backup

For added security, the iXflash also offers a read only feature that will prevent any content stored on the device from becoming infected with viruses, modified, or deleted. These are just a few of the added features the iXflash and the accompanying iXflash Apple App allows the user access that wouldn’t be available with a standard USB Type C drive.

The company was able to create both the multifunctional hardware and supporting Apps that make up the iXflash series, by obtaining critical IP and patents during the development. While proud of their accomplishments, they also recognize the value in providing a full range of OEM/ODM opportunities for companies and organizations that recognize the value of the iXflash and its related product lines.

Ixflash Media Type

Even though the latest Apple iPhone 15 series comes with a USB Type C connection, it’s extremely limited in the actions a standard USB Type C drive can access without the MFi certification. In fact, users can only access the Files App and allow direct recording to a USB C connected flash or SSD drive through the Pro Res video recording operation. Other than that, a non-MFi certified USB C drive cannot access the Photos App, or any other application that would be extremely useful and necessary for backups and sharing content.

With the iXflash USB C and A drive, it allows Vinpower to become the first truly universal flash drive that can fully integrate with the latest iPhone and iPad as well as work with virtually every computing platform on the market today and in the future,” proclaims Ryan Swerdloff, VP. “With the explosion of content being stored on all of our computing platforms, it’s critical to have a device that can fully interact with all of them to access that content anywhere, anytime, from any device.”

The iXflash USB C and A also offers universal support for Android smartphones and tablets, PC, Mac, and Chromebook computers, as well as nearly any device with a USB Type C or Type A connection. This makes the iXflash USB C and A drive the 1st Apple certified MFi flash drive that can access, backup, store, and modify content across nearly every digital computing platform.

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